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The quick guide to a clutter-free kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home, where friends and family can come together for meals and social interactions.  But with greater interactions in the kitchen, there is a tendency for things to start accumulating in the space as well.  Here are some decluttering tips to help you get your kitchen back!

Work with its design

Before getting your kitchen in order, note where essential fixtures in your kitchen are, such as wall sockets, electrical outlets, built-in appliances and furniture. These are fixtures you’ll need to work around to ensure efficient storage.

Also consider your cooking and cleaning patterns, and decide which appliances and utensils you use most often in certain areas like the stove or countertop, and try to make them available nearby. For example, your spice rack could be placed above or beside the stove.

It also helps if you use materials and appliances that utilise colours compatible with your kitchen to reduce the appearance of clutter. Here are where kitchen appliance ranges like the striking Electrolux Ebony range stand out, as its designed to give any kitchen a sophisticated, unified look and feel. The Ebony range can blend seamlessly with dark wood surfaces or contrast brilliantly with colours, whites and stainless steel.

The striking Electrolux Ebony range can blend seamlessly with dark wood surfaces or contrast brilliantly with colours, whites and stainless steel.

If you use glass front cabinets or open shelves, ensure that what’s stored in them look neat and orderly. Or take the opportunity to show off your nice glasses or dishware or use decorative baskets for more storage options.


Take it out…

Do a sweep of your kitchen spaces. Be ruthless and purge anything that you don’t use regularly. Get those empty plastic containers, plastic bottles, old pots and pans out of the kitchen to reclaim space.

For stuff that belongs elsewhere in the house, take a small bin and put the out-of-place items into it for sorting later.


…or put it away

Now that you’re left with things that should be in a kitchen, do a second sweep and put everything back into place. If you find something that keeps ending up in the wrong spot, try to find a convenient spot for it. Conversely, if you keep finding an item on the counter top, try finding a permanent spot for it outside.

Photo credit:  lisaclarke
It’s easy for stuff to creep up on and clutter kitchen countertops.

Store your items in your cabinets logically. For example, keep your dishes near the dishwasher, and your coffee pot near the sink. Napkins and placemats are best kept near the dining area.

A general rule of thumb is that if it’s not used daily, you can put it away. Appliances like your coffeemaker or blender that are used regularly can be left out, especially if they’re designed like the stylish Electrolux ECM3200 coffee maker, which is designed to fit into any kitchen.


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