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Brewing up the most expensive coffee beans in the world

These are not your normal cuppas. These rare and expensive coffees are not found in just any neighbourhood coffee shop, primarily due to their cost. But if you do get your hands on a fresh packet, you’ll get the best flavour and drinking experience by preparing them the right way.

Five pleasure foods that you can’t stop eating

There’s a reason why humans have come up with the term “emotional eating”. For better or worse, food is tied to our moods and feelings, and the cravings that come on suddenly for comfort foods actually feed our brains’ pleasure centre more than our stomachs.

Staying fashionably sustainable with vegan chic

People who wish to cut out animal products from their lives may not want to stop at just following vegan diets. Living a true vegan lifestyle means choosing sustainable options in all aspects of life, even with clothes and shoes.

APAC concepts dominate at global Electrolux Design Lab competition

A noise converter that changes noise pollution into comforting sounds, a dehumidifier that can forecast the weather and a robotic vacuum that uses gelatin balls to collect dust and dirt more efficiently in the home.

Fresh, mobile eats at the Kerbside Gourmet

Truffle fries. Cold Mentaiko pasta with crabmeat. Pea puree with sous vide egg. All freshly cooked from a food truck at affordable prices.

Making pasta fit for gourmands

Pasta has long been the staple of hungry people seeking quick, easy and delicious meals. But while pouring chunky, hearty spaghetti sauce over angel hair pasta may soothe your hunger pangs, you may not be getting optimal enjoyment and flavour from your dish.

Fur-care tips that’ll give your pets a new shine

Washing a pet can be more than just about getting rid of accumulated dirt and smells. What you do and how you do it can be essential to the health of their skin and coat.

Common foods that ease everyday pain

A hard day’s work may be honest and fulfilling, but it can be tough on our bodies. For some, sore muscles and headaches are a daily way of life that occasionally has us reaching for an aspirin.

Easy cooking ideas for Mother’s Day meals

It’s that time of year to put a smile on the face of that special woman in your life. This year, Mother’s Day falls on 12 May and there’s no better day to show mum how much she is loved and appreciated.

The gourmet’s guide to ordering coffee

“I’ll have a tall half-skinny half-one percent extra hot split quad shot latte with whip.”

Ordering coffee these days can be a bit of an art, with savvy coffee drinkers dictating their preferences down to the number of shots of espresso or pumps of caramel they want in their drink. If a regular coffee with milk and sugar no longer cuts it for you, here’s a quick guide to sounding like an expert at the café – and how to recreate the drink at home.