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Enjoy a better day with the right cereal mix


Brightly-coloured and catchy  cereals may seem more appealing, but the primary ingredients of their allure tend to be sugar, food colouring and surprisingly, sodium.

Like other processed products, it’s not hard to recreate your own healthier – but equally tasty – versions at home. It may take more time and effort, but the upside is a cereal that is customised for your personal tastes and needs, be it for extra energy through the day, assisting with a weight loss regime or just a healthier alternative for your kids.

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Consume less sugar and sodium when you create your own breakfast cereal instead of commercially processed brands.

There are a plethora of recipes for delicious homemade cereal that can be baked at home. All you need is a convection oven like the Electrolux EOB305X. Its extra-large capacity and Ultra Fan technology ensures heat circulates evenly throughout the oven when you prepare big batches of cereal for the family. A blender like the Electrolux EBR2001 also comes in handy to blend ingredients like honey, cocoa or peanut butter with the cereal for extra flavour.

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Bake your own customised cereal mix with natural ingredients in a convection oven for best results.

For more specific needs, check out these cereal mixes.


High energy mixes

If you’re anticipating a day with lots of physical activity, load up on cereals that are high in vitamin B. Vitamin B helps to convert carbohydrates into energy, metabolising protein and using the energy from our food intake more efficiently. Minerals like phosphorous, zinc and copper also assist in energy metabolism.

This makes whole grains like oats, buckwheat and quinoa ideal for a high-energy cereal mix. Round off your breakfast with dried fruits and nuts to provide you with healthy fats, protein and fibre that give added endurance and power for prolonged exercise.


“Packing it in” mixes

Hunger management is an important factor in weight loss, so foods that promote satiety, or the feeling of fullness, are important in keeping the munchies away.

Foods which are high in fibre and have a Low-Glycaemic (GI) index are great for people on a diet. Fibre helps to add to the feeling of fullness, while low GI foods tend to take longer to digest, thus prolonging satiety. Low GI foods also help to regulate glucose levels, reducing the occurrence of energy or sugar crashes that has us reaching for sugary snacks.

Cereals that meet these requirements are oats and bran. Pair them with fruits like apples and bananas in your cereal mix to keep the hunger pangs away till your next meal time.


Gluten-free mixes

For those who prefer or need a gluten-free option, go for brown rice, corn, millet, buckwheat and soy. Avoid anything derived from wheat, barley and rye.


Baby-friendly mixes

Babies older than six months can start consuming solid foods. Cereals that are soft and easy to digest are a healthy way to get them started.

Popular recommendations for baby cereals are rice, oatmeal and barley. If you’re using whole rice or barley, grind them into a powder first before mixing. Blenders like the Electrolux EBR2001 comes with a mill accessory that you can use for this purpose. Mix the powdered cereal with milk or water until it’s thin and runny enough for your child to consume.


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