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Easy cooking ideas for Mother’s Day meals


It’s that time of year to put a smile on the face of that special woman in your life.  This year, Mother’s Day falls on 12 May and there’s no better day to show mum how much she is loved and appreciated.

Cooking a meal for her can be a great way to add a personal touch to the day’s celebrations, and relieve her of some of the chores she takes on throughout the year. And cooking doesn’t have to be hard, even kids can pull these ideas off. 

Breakfast in bed

Give your mother a great start to the day with breakfast in bed. It gives mums extra time for a lie-in, giving them a genuine break with a delicious meal. Getting children involved in preparing breakfast in bed also teaches them the value of organisation and appreciation for the work mum does.

A successful breakfast in bed experience consists of a great tasting meal that isn’t hard to clean up after.  Nobody likes trying to get bread crumbs off the duvet or odours out the room after eating.

Try making eggs benedict, a breakfast dish that is easy to present beautifully, tastes great and is deceptively simple to make.  If you can fry bacon, poach an egg and toast an English muffin, you’re good to go. Blenders like the Electrolux Powermix Silent make easy work of the Hollandaise sauce – and it’s so quiet that operating it won’t wake mum up before you can spring your lovely surprise.


A gourmet meal

For those who prefer to make something special for lunch or dinner, try a gourmet dish to impress mum.  The Electrolux Chef (Chef E) has come up with an easy to prepare Pork Picatta with mushroom sauce, or Italian-style pan-fried pork that you can make as a main dish.

Photo credit: Eric Low
Pork Picatta is an easy Italian-style dish you can make to impress mom on Mother’s Day. 

Remember that half the battle is won with proper presentation, or plating.  Chef E’s recipes incorporate textures and colours for a striking and delicious dish. Use large, white dishes for maximum effect when presenting your labour of love to your mother.


A sweet ending

If, like many women, your mother has a sweet tooth, then give her a happy ending to the day with a luscious dessert.  Chef E’s Mother’s Day Spanish Orange and Almond cake, is a unique and easy to bake confection that has a universal taste appeal.

Photo credit: Eric Low
End the day on a sweet note with a Spanish Orange and Almond Cake

Cheesecakes are another easy dessert to make that doesn’t involve the use of an oven – a plus for young children wanting to cook something for mum.  All you need is an electric mixer like the Electrolux EHSM2000 to mix the cream cheese with condensed milk and lemon juice. Pour the mixture into a pre-made graham cracker crust and refrigerate for a delicious dessert.


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