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Fur-care tips that’ll give your pets a new shine


Washing a pet can be more than just about getting rid of accumulated dirt and smells. What you do and how you do it can be essential to the health of their skin and coat.

Unlike humans, pets do not have to be bathed frequently.  Cats are famously clean animals and should only be washed when they have gotten into sticky situations, or are noticeably dirty and smelly.

Dogs have natural oils on their coats, and over-bathing can harm their skin by drying it out. The only exceptions are breeds with hair instead of fur, like Yorkies or Maltese.  These dogs need baths every one to two weeks, or their hair becomes too oily. When you do have to wash the family pooch, however, there are some things that need to be observed to keep their skin healthy and coats gleaming.


Use proper cleansers

Just like their food, pets need different shampoos and conditioners that are specially pH balanced for their skin and fur, or formulated for specific purposes.  If your pet has sensitive skin or is a breed with a soft coat, use oatmeal shampoo. It’s a gentle cleanser and great for pets with sensitive or itchy skin and allergies. They also work well for hairless breeds. 

Photo by mikumistock
Showering your pet the right way will give it a shinier, healthier coat.

Owners of pets with white fur might want to look out for whitening shampoos that help keep their coats white.  Animals whose faces need to be washed will appreciate the use of tearless shampoo.   

For a natural solution from the kitchen for dogs, try using apple vinegar.  Make a rinse with a small bucket of warm water and half a cup of vinegar, it can help restore pH balance, deter fleas and remove odours.


Get the temperature right

Before you wash a dog, try putting large cotton balls snugly but not deeply, into their ears to keep out water and soap.  A build up of moisture may develop into an ear infection.   Always use lukewarm water to bathe your pet.  It is not only more comfortable for them; it’s better for their skin and gets more dead fur out in the bath.

The Allure water heater helps to ensure a more precise bath temperature for your pet.


Water that is about 37oC is ideal.  While this may feel too cool for you, their skin is more sensitive to temperature, and water that is too hot is not only uncomfortable for the pet, it can cause them to become overheated.  Using a water heater like the Electrolux Allure with LED indicators can help to set a precise temperature for warm water to be dispensed instantly.

Don’t forget to wash your pet’s collar with warm soap and water too.  This removes dirt, oil and bacteria from it.


Brush regularly

Do get a blow dryer for pets to dry them after the bath.  Such dryers blow out more air at a time and will remove moisture more efficiently.  Breeds with heavy coats can develop mildew if not properly dried.

While most cats may be able to groom themselves, all pets can benefit from regular brushing and combing to distribute skin oils, stimulate blood flow and remove dead hair.  Without it, dogs can develop matted fur, which may pull and inflame their skin.  If the pet has a short coat, a weekly brushing will do. Breeds with thick, long or shaggy coats however, may require daily care.  Zipping around with a handy vacuum like the Ergorapido BRC will take care of any fur left on the floor, and give you and your pet a happier, healthier home environment.

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