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Staying fashionably sustainable with vegan chic


People who wish to cut out animal products from their lives may not want to stop at just following vegan diets.  Living a true vegan lifestyle means choosing sustainable options in all aspects of life, even with clothes and shoes.

Vegan clothing has gained a following in recent years for its rejection of materials that come from animals such as leather, silk, wool and suede. But rejecting such materials doesn’t mean you can’t be sustainably fashionable.

For vegans determined to live a sustainable lifestyle, Electrolux laundry appliances are the perfect complement .  From the Time Manager range of washers to its heat pump dryers, these appliances efficiently minimise the


By Winnond
Most can’t tell the difference between bamboo fibre and cotton.

One hundred percent biodegradable and natural, bamboo fibres can be turned into very soft fabrics which are used in clothes, bedding and towels. Another upside of bamboo fabrics comes from the fast-growing tree’s antibacterial properties, which can block bacteria growth and keep pathogens away. Bamboo is also easily laundered – just use a warm wash like the Time Manager’s energy saver program.

To cap it off, growing bamboo is beneficial for the environment, with a root system that protects the soil and a canopy that is essential to carbon cycling – the biogeochemical cycle that makes the Earth capable of sustaining life.



By Winnond
Recent advances in processing have made hemp a comfortable material not just for bags, but clothes too.

Improvements in hemp processing has made wearing this material a much more comfortable experience. Hemp is also used to make durable shoes.  Like bamboo, hemp is an environmentally positive crop and inhibits the growth of microbes. Wash hemp using a delicate cycle in the washing machine.



By TCJ2020
Items made from Jute should be carefully washed. 

A strong fast-growing plant that takes just four to six months to grow, jute is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  Materials made from jute are breathable, comfortable and durable, making it a great natural material for shoes. Although strong when dry, jute fibre is easily weakened in water. It is best to have jute clothing dry cleaned or hand washed in cool water with mild soap.



Faux leather or plastic leather, Pleather is a synthetic material that can look and feel like the real thing.  With recent improvements in manufacturing, pleather can also be a durable, breathable material.  Pleather is also easily cleaned with hand washing or through wiping with a cloth.



Synthetic suede cloth, suedette is very soft to the touch.  This suede substitute can be treated with water proofing sprays to increase water resistance. Like suede, suedette should be dry cleaned or wiped gently with a towel.



Most satin is made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester or rayon.  It is created using tight weaves that create a beautiful sheen on one side.  It is recommended that satin be professionally cleaned, as water may stain the fabric.



Lightweight fabric made from a tight weave of very fine polyester or nylon threads. Breathable and naturally water repellent due to its manufacturing process, microfibre cloth can also be made waterproof with a treatment.  It is best cleaned via wiping with a damp cloth.

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