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Electrolux Design Lab 2013 stage 4 entries gain functionality to improve lives

After several rounds of public voting and working with Electrolux design experts, 20 designs that could have a huge impact on how we live our lives have made it through to stage 4 of the Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2013.

Balancing healthy meals with your budget

In a perfect world, every meal time would find a balanced and varied mix of fresh meats, vegetables and carbohydrates on the table. But cooking three meals each day for an entire family can be tough. In addition to the time spent cooking, trying to whip up healthy, balanced meals on a budget for everyone can seem like an impossible juggling act.

Three unique egg recipes from Asia

Tired of having plain old fried or boiled eggs with your meals? Asia is too, which is probably why it has a bunch of variants on this popular breakfast item. From eggs infused in tea and spices, to eggs preserved in clay, wood ash, quicklime and salt for months before consumption, Asia’s where it’s at when it comes to eggs with a difference.

Getting fresh with herbs using container gardening

With ever-increasing city populations, the Grow Your Own Food movement is gaining in popularity as a way to get organically-grown produce quite literally on your doorstep. This has brought more attention to ‘container gardening’ as a way to grow fresh herbs and vegetables in an urban apartment.

Dress up your dishes like a pro

Make your meals a true feast for the senses. While taste and smell are important, the visuals play a big part in completing a great dining experience for the family and guests.

Practise the science of molecular cooking in your own kitchen

Molecular gastronomy or molecular cuisine describes a style of cooking where chefs combine tools from the lab with food ingredients to create innovative new dishes. Hot gelatins, spherical ravioles and crab ice cream are just some of the creations inventive chefs have come up with using this unique cooking method.

Save time and money with these restaurant tips

Homemakers with families to feed can sometimes feel like a short-order cook at meal times. From family members craving their favourite foods to having to balance a child’s diet, taking shortcuts with packaged and frozen foods can be inevitable.

Manly meal ideas for a Father’s Day celebration

Fathers form the bedrock of the family, and take on the responsibility of providing without complaint. That’s why we celebrate Father’s Day, which falls on 16 June this year. This is the day we show dad how much we appreciate his efforts, and we can start with cooking him a delicious meal.

Infuse your interior decorations with Swedish charm

Sweden is possibly best known worldwide for its unique design spirit and philosophy. From world-famous appliance manufacturers like Electrolux to furniture makers like Ikea, and the hugely popular fashion chain H&M; Swedish-designed products have found their way into the hearts of consumers and households the world over.

Developing your sense of Umami in cooking

Most people describe their food as sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Most, however tend to overlook the fifth sense of taste, Umami.