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Infuse your interior decorations with Swedish charm


Sweden is possibly best known worldwide for its unique design spirit and philosophy. From world-famous appliance manufacturers like Electrolux to furniture makers like Ikea, and the hugely popular fashion chain H&M; Swedish-designed products have found their way into the hearts of consumers and households the world over.


Celebrating its national day on 6 June, Swedish design is experiencing greater recognition through the Scandinavian design movement. Characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality, Scandinavian design operates on the ideal that beautiful and functional everyday objects should be affordable to not just the wealthy, but to all.


A democratic design

While Italian design tends to be known for being avant garde, and the French and Japanese styles more in pursuit of elegance and subtlety respectively; Scandinavian design focuses on carving out an unpretentious niche. It often makes use of simple forms created from wood, plastics, anodized or enameled aluminum or pressed steel.

Keyhole Hob
The Keyhole hob is an elegant example of Scandinavian design sense combined with Asian sensibilities. 

For appliance makers like Electrolux, product design draws heavily from its Swedish heritage in its approach to developing appliances. A respect for materials, quality and a desire to improve the quality of life via design are values that the company continues to celebrate.


Reflecting the democratic ideals of its Swedish parentage, Electrolux appliances are often designed to also meet the different lifestyle needs of different markets, while staying through to its design principles. Examples include compact but powerful vacuums designed for small apartments, space-saving dishwashers that can be placed on a counter top and induction hobs which incorporate a wok burner.


Creating a Swedish interior for your home

Swedish design is arguably best characterised as having a natural look with clean and simple lines. This connection to nature is also seen in the installation of eco-friendly features like the Electrolux Eco range of environmentally friendly appliances.

By rogue-designs
Swedish designs tend to incorporate lots of light, space and natural materials like wood.

Natural materials like wood and stone are popular. Wall to wall carpets never truly took off in Sweden, and most Scandinavian interiors tend to have light, wooden floors in most rooms aside from bathrooms.


Don’t be afraid to use and show lots of wood. Cladding can be incorporated on walls and even ceilings to add texture and warmth. A grey oil can be used to take the yellow out of wood like pine or oak.  Scandinavian design also emphasises the importance of light and space, so clear out those unnecessary knick knacks and declutter your home today!

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