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The five places in Asia to find fresh food


Fresh food in the supermarket is rarely truly fresh. Due to the need to package, transport and put food up for display, it is often days or weeks before the food actually gets home for consumption.


Fortunately, there are many places around Asia to get freshly produced food. With new refrigerators like the Electrolux FlexFresh range designed to keep food fresh for longer, you can buy fresh food from these locations and store them for consumption longer than before.



Countries like Singapore and Hong Kong may be small in size, but they do still have farming activities within driving distance. Singapore’s Farmart, grows its own produce for sale, while Hong Kong’s HK Farm is happy to sell its freshly grown vegetables from its rooftop farm.


Street Markets

While Farmer’s Markets have sprung up in the West to cater to people seeking the freshest organic produce, they are usually held weekly or even monthly. Fortunately, many countries in Asia still have a thriving street market culture, where producers can sell their freshly grown and harvested foods to consumers.

Photo by David Barrie
Street markets throughout Asia is quite the laissez faire affair, cropping up in streets for locals in the neighbourhood to get fresh food.


Due to the laissez faire nature of these markets, they tend to be ad hoc, springing up around certain streets. You’ll usually find them walking around local neighbourhoods in countries like Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, or from information from locals in the area. For similar markets in countries like Australia and Hong Kong, check out the Adelaide Hills Farmers’ Market near Adelaide and in the Central district in Hong Kong between Wellington Road and Hollywood Road.


Home Grown

There’s nowhere else to get fresher vegetables. A new movement geared towards growing your own food is growing in urban cities like Singapore. With the advent of container gardening, the movement champions growing your own vegetables and herbs at home. Container gardening allows you to grow your own food in hanging baskets, window boxes and even recycled coffee cans.


Companies such as Edible Gardens, have sprung up to support the movement, offering help with installing your own vegetable and herb garden at home. They are used even in professional outfits such as the Electrolux-equipped Kerbside Gourmet, which offers gourmet food at affordable prices.


Wet or Fresh Markets

By logatfer
Wet markets are markets which typically are housed in a building for vendors to sell fresh food in the mornings. 


Although you are unlikely to find street markets selling fresh food ingredients in cities like Singapore and Tokyo, many Asian cities still feature fresh markets (sometimes called wet markets) that sell fresh vegetables and meat. They differ from street markets in that they tend to be located within a building and have set locations.


Well-known wet markets around Asia include Tor Kor in Bangkok, the Kowloon City Wet Market in Hong Kong, the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo and the Kreta Ayer Wet Market in Singapore.

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