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Manly meal ideas for a Father’s Day celebration


Fathers form the bedrock of the family, and take on the responsibility of providing without complaint. That’s why we celebrate Father’s Day, which falls on 16 June this year. This is the day we show dad how much we appreciate his efforts, and we can start with cooking him a delicious meal.

 Many men love the taste of beer, which also makes for a delicious marinade or ingredient in dishes. Here are some easy meal ideas for a father’s day fiesta at home.  If you’d rather not use alcohol in your dishes, try substituting the beers or stouts with a non-alcoholic beer.  Famous brands like Coor’s and Beck’s produce non-alcoholic beer, which will provide the malty taste without the alcohol.


Beef and stout stew

Photo Credit:  cizauskas

A traditional Irish dish, a beef and stout stew is a delicious comfort food.  The stout beer tenderizes the beef and gives the dish a rich, malty flavour.  Easy to put together, the stew is also great for freezing for later consumption, so you can cook as big a portion as you like.  Cook the stew on a cooking hob like the Electrolux Brio, which allows you to bring the stew to a boil before quickly adjusting it to a precise simmer.  Or, you can transfer it to an intelligent oven like the Inspiro, which will help cook the meat till its fork-tender.


Beer Mussels

Photo Credit:  avlxyz

One of the easiest seafood dishes to make is steaming mussels in a beer-based sauce with herbs. This creates an aromatic broth which you can then pair with crusty bread for a delicious and filling meal.  There are a variety of recipes using different herb and beer combinations, but putting the dish together is as simple as bringing the mixture to a boil and cooking them till the mussels open.  You can bake the accompanying bread with a bread maker like the Electrolux EBM1331, which can be customised to create a crisp, crusty loaf or a soft fluffy bread to dip in the beer broth.


Beer can chicken

Photo Credit: Jshontz

Visually amusing but delicious on the palate, beer can chicken involves filling a can of beer with herbs, putting it up the cavity of a chicken and sitting it on a BBQ grill like the Electrolux EN:V to roast it.  The beer and herbs evaporate and permeate the chicken while cooking, creating a dish that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.


Chocolate Mousse with stout

Photo Credit: www.WorthTheWhisk.com

Even if dad doesn’t have a sweet tooth, he’ll love this dessert.  Adding stout to a chocolate mousse adds malt and coffee notes to the dark chocolate used.  Use a stand mixer like the Electrolux EHSM2000 to create fluffier results more conveniently.


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