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Save time and money with these restaurant tips


Homemakers with families to feed can sometimes feel like a short-order cook at meal times. From family members craving their favourite foods to having to balance a child’s diet, taking shortcuts with packaged and frozen foods can be inevitable. 

But why not turn to restaurants for inspiration when it comes to getting your kitchen under control? After all, they manage to systematically serve out fresh, great-tasting food to dozens of people at mealtimes.  Here are some smart tricks you can adopt for your home kitchen.


Get the right time-saving equipment

If you know what type of cuisines you tend to cook, you can plan to have a list of essential kitchen appliances that will help you be more efficient with your daily meals.  Those who bake their own cakes or breads can get an electric mixer like the Electrolux EHM2000 or the Electrolux EBM8000 bread maker.

Those who enjoy creating stir-fries or boiling soups can get a cooking hob like the Electrolux Brio, whose efficient burners reduce boiling time and has the ability to replicate the cooking temperatures found in professional kitchens.


Organise your spaces

Restaurant kitchens are arranged and managed in a way that gives chefs easy access to whatever they need for cooking while minimising waste.
Photo Credit:  Charles Haynes

Restaurant kitchens are highly organised places where everything is kept within easy reach.  Assign a logical spot to each kitchen utensil, and make sure that it is washed after it is used. For example, you can hang ladles off or near the cooking hood, or keep a jar of spatulas and wooden spoons near the hob in the case you need to flip or stir things quickly. This also minimizes movement around the kitchen.

Keep utensils and appliances which tend to be used together close by. This means measuring cups next to mixers, graters next to peelers and pots under the stove.

The same goes with spices and condiments. Keep them in a place where you can reach them without moving away from the stove top. If you buy certain items like cooking oil in bulk, separate the storage and usage space. Transfer the cooking oil to a smaller container like clean plastic or wine bottles for use next to the stove, and put the large canisters away in a cabinet.  This saves on space and prevents accidental overuse of oil.

Finally, keep a trash container near your working space to dispose of waste quickly. If you can’t locate a bin near the work space, use a large plastic bowl during the preparation process and empty it into the bin when it’s filled.


Prep beforehand

Peel, chop and dice ingredients for meals beforehand, and you’re already half done by the time you need to start cooking.
Photo Credit: liladobbs

Professional kitchens begin work a few hours before opening in order to save time and cook quickly when orders come in. Clean, cut or chop vegetables and marinate meats in advance. You can put them in the refrigerator in ziplock bags to help retain freshness. The latest Electrolux FlexFresh range has handy bag clips that allow you to hang bags on the inside of the door for easy accessibility. With preparation done, your meals are now half-complete.


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