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Getting fresh with herbs using container gardening


With ever-increasing city populations, the Grow Your Own Food movement is gaining in popularity as a way to get organically-grown produce quite literally on your doorstep. This has brought more attention to ‘container gardening’ as a way to grow fresh herbs and vegetables in an urban apartment.

Electrolux’s new range of FlexFresh refrigerators not only preserves fresh produce for longer, but improves their vitamin content, too.

Storing these fresh produce for longer is also getting easier, with the latest range of FlexFresh refrigerators from Electrolux.  Here are some tips to start your own container garden at home: 


By BrianHolm
Herbs can be grown in a variety of containers at home.

Suitable containers that you can use to start your very own herb farm can run the gamut from wooden boxes on the window sill to large milk cartons. Herbs tend not to have large root systems, so you don’t need large planters to grow them. Whatever you choose as a container however, should not have narrow openings, and the pot will need to have good drainage.  



A container garden requires at least five hours of direct sunlight every day. Many plants will benefit from more, but they need to be put in a spot that won’t get too hot in the afternoon. Too much heat and leaves could burn or dry out.


Water and fertiliser

Herbs require less maintenance than other plants, and some like thyme and oregano even thrive on neglect. They lose flavour if they are given too much water and fertiliser. Use a light fertiliser and go easy on its use.

Depending on the herb, consider using self-watering containers. These have water reservoirs that deliver water into the soil regularly and keep it consistently moist. Herbs like chives, parsley, marjoram and mint do well in such pots. Others like oregano, thyme, rosemary and basil do better when they can dry out between watering.



When herbs are ready to be picked, a general guideline is that the more you pick, the more you’ll get. Pinching them back will also help make them bushier and well-formed.

After you’ve snipped their leaves, wait for them to grow back as much as previously or more before harvesting them again. Grow more than one plant if you find yourself needing more regularly.  

To help support healthier eating with organic produce like home-grown herbs, the Electrolux FlexFresh range has adjustable shelves to optimally store herbs, and a market fresh crisper where you can control the humidity of the environment in which produce is kept. This means you don’t have to worry about wasting leftover herbs, and can have easy access to fresh ones for each and every meal.

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