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Balancing healthy meals with your budget


In a perfect world, every meal time would find a balanced and varied mix of fresh meats, vegetables and carbohydrates on the table. But cooking three meals each day for an entire family can be tough. In addition to the time spent cooking, trying to whip up healthy, balanced meals on a budget for everyone can seem like an impossible juggling act.

Things can be made easier however, with a bit of organisation, creative cooking methods and prudent purchasing at the right amounts.


Plan your purchases

The latest range of Electrolux FlexFresh refrigerators come with extremely flexible storage options to keep food fresh for longer.

Many families end up buying canned or frozen processed foods they know will last longer simply because they know any uneaten produce will go to waste at the end of the week. When planning your grocery purchases, make sure to get a mix of foods with varying longevity in storage, and use the most perishable items earlier in the week.

It helps to have refrigerators like the Electrolux FlexFresh range. They are designed with flexible storage to help families get organised, as well as store foods optimally so they stay fresher for longer.

To further ease the strain on your budget, try to buy locally and eat seasonally. Not only will you get fresher ingredients, you will save on paying for their transportation and preservation costs.


Get on the same page

The FlexFresh allows you to stay organised so you can keep track of and access your food easily at all times. 

Plan out and write down a menu for the week. If you’re sharing cooking duties with a spouse or another family member, be sure to coordinate on which meals to cook. Prep and put the ingredients for the meals in their own containers, or shelves within the fridge. This helps to keep track of and regulate the amount of food in the fridge, so the right amounts are used at the right times.


Eat less meat

Unfortunately, there are no two ways around it. Meat tends to cost more than fruits and vegetables. That said, many people today tend to eat more meat than they need. A woman typically only needs 46 grams of protein a day, while a man needs about 56 grams. This works out to three 85 gram portions of meat a day, or a serving of meat that’s about the size of a deck of cards.


Bulk up your meals

A common method used by home cooks to bulk up their dishes while keeping them healthy is to use beans and vegetables with meat.  Simply incorporate chopped fresh tomatoes with your minced beef when whipping up bolognaise sauce for pasta dishes; or add potatoes, onions and beans to create a chunky fish chowder.


Freeze them when it’s cheap

If you enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables, it may be a good idea to stock up on them when they’re in season (and more affordable) and freeze them at home. You can retain the flavour and nutrients of produce with the proper freezing process, and you’ll need nothing more than a microwave to blanch vegetables and the fast freeze function on an Electrolux FlexFresh fridge.

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