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Breakfast tips to start your day right


While most of us have been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, quite a number of us still end up skipping it.

“Not enough time”, “don’t like breakfast foods” or “trying to lose weight” are some of the common reasons for not having a meal to start the day. But breakfast doesn’t have to be a heavy, hearty affair.  If you’re watching your waistline, it’s actually more important to eat in the mornings.


Know what you need in the morning

The body needs to replenish its energy after going eight hours or more without food, and not eating breakfast can cause it to go into “starvation mode”.  This is where it stores fat to conserve energy.

Accessing the benefits of having breakfast doesn’t require a huge fry up of eggs and bacon with several slices of toast. Just plan for a meal that contains around 300 calories, with at least seven grams of protein and two grams of fibre. This should fulfil the energy needs of your body till lunch, and help you feel full for longer.


Prepare it the night before

If you have time in the evenings but none in the morning rush to school or work, look into preparing breakfast the night before. Choose a dish that can be easily consumed right out of the fridge or quickly heated up.

A bacon and egg sandwich made last night takes only one minute to heat up the next day. DIY your own McMuffin with an English muffin, butter, a scrambled egg and two slices of cooked bacon. Use a toaster like the Electrolux EOT3000 to reheat it the next day and take with you on the way out. 

The Electrolux FlexFresh fridge comes with a variety of storage options ranging from flexible shelving to bag clips that allow easy access to food.

Or simply mix half a cup of oats with half a cup of skim milk and half a cup of plain yogurt. Top with a quarter cup of your favourite fruit and refrigerate overnight for an easy breakfast to pull out and consume in the morning. Refrigerators like the Electrolux FlexFresh range are designed to keep food fresher for longer, and come with flexible storage compartments and movable shelves. You can now easily organise your premade breakfast options and keep them at optimal freshness and flavour.


Throw out “breakfast” stereotypes

Don’t get stuck on the stereotypical idea of toast with eggs or jam for a full breakfast.  Take inspiration from other regions. A traditional Japanese breakfast can resemble lunch or dinner for those living in other countries, consisting of rice, miso soup, broiled fish, seaweed, fermented soybeans, a rolled omelette and pickles. 

By Francisco Antunes
A traditional Japanese breakfast.

In other parts of Asia, porridge, also known as “jook” or congee in countries like Korea and Hong Kong is a popular breakfast item.  You can make a savoury version with ingredients like ginger, fish and scallions. Those with a sweet tooth can eat it with red beans and honey. Simply use a fully-automated rice cooker like the Electrolux ERC2201 and save on the fuss and cooking times in the morning!

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