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Preserving vintage perfumes with household appliances


Our sense of smell is possibly one of the most powerful memory triggers. This may be why perfumes are more than just a fashion statement. There are avid collectors of vintage perfumes around the world, and many point to their ability to evoke a sense or memory of a different time, especially with perfumes that are now out of production.


They do have to be stored properly to retain their original scent. Perfumes are oftentimes an expensive and delicate purchase. The oils and alcohols in them are easily broken down, causing the smell to change or even disappear.


The Electrolux Vino wine chiller has all the right features to preserve wine and vintage perfumes properly.

It doesn’t take a lot of heavy investment or fancy equipment however to preserve your scents. With its alcohol and oil make up, keeping a perfume smelling fresh is similar to preserving vintage wine. This makes wine chillers like the Electrolux Vino ideal for home collectors to store their treasured scents.


Keep away from direct light

Although many perfumes come in beautifully designed glass bottles, it’s probably best not to display them out in the open. Like alcohol, UV rays from sunlight will degrade and damage the perfume over time. If your perfume comes in clear glass bottles, transfer it to a dark or opaque one. Typically, the darker the location, the better the scent will keep.

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An opaque bottle with an atomizer helps to keep UV light and contaminants out of the perfume

The Electrolux Vino wine chiller stores its contents in the dark, with LED lighting that ramps up when the fridge is opened. Its glass door also contains a UV filter, which helps to keep harmful rays out of perfume bottles, making it ideal storage for your scents.


Store them at a consistent temperature

Temperature fluctuations can break down the chemical bonds that give a perfume its scent. Keeping them in a home refrigerator may not be the answer however as constant temperature changes from opening and closing the fridge can kill the scent just as quickly.


Perfumes are best stored between 12 oC to 18oC. The Electrolux Vino allows the temperature to be set anywhere between 7oC to 18oC, so you can preserve not just your wines, but your perfumes optimally.


Use Atomiser bottles

Perfumes are made to remain evenly mixed if they are stored properly. This means that they should not have air, dirt or oils mixed in, which can change the scent and accelerate the breakdown of the perfume.


Perfume atomiser bottles are best used for applications, as they prevent the need to open the bottle and reduces the introduction of contaminants. The use of applicators is not recommended, as they can introduce small amounts of dirt and oil from the skin into the bottle, and affect the perfume over time. If direct application is still preferred, consider disposable applicator wands, or washing the applicator thoroughly after each use. 

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