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A look at the high cost of clutter


For many, clutter is an inevitable result of living in the same environment for years. But that mountain of old magazines on the floor and shelves bursting with small curios and knick knacks might be costing you more than you realise.


Time cost

One of the biggest and most intangible costs of clutter is that of time and the impediment it poses in our lives. Time spent looking for items like keys and mobile devices is time that could be spent working or relaxing. 

The compact Electrolux UltraActive is designed to fit into tight spaces, with onboard tools that remove the need to store accessories separately.

Keeping small, compact and conveniently designed appliances like the UltraActive not only saves space, it allows you to store it unobtrusively in a convenient spot. And with its on-board tool attachments, you won’t need to find extra storage to use the vacuum optimally. This saves us time and effort in retrieving the tools we need to clean and declutter, helping to motivate us and making the process easier.


Financial cost

Then there are the actual monetary costs of an inability to declutter. When we can’t find that pair of running shoes in the overstuffed closet and end up buying a duplicate.  When items stored improperly get damaged and require replacing. When there’s so much stuff in the home that an external storage facility needs to be rented to hold the things you can’t bear to throw away.

By Bill Longshaw
Clutter can get out of hand over time and cost us financially, physically and mentally.

This can even lead to poor financial decisions, like getting a larger home that you don’t need so it can fit more stuff.


Psychological cost

The effect of clutter on mental health can creep up on you over time. The extra time and effort needed to accomplish even basic tasks like paying bills, cleaning or cooking can become a long term drain on our energy and ability to work on other productive pursuits. Finally, we can become prisoners of our own clutter. Being surrounded by rarely used items that tie up space, money and time can hem us in psychologically, keeping us from thriving.


Decluttering with ease

There’s only one way to deal with clutter- get rid of it. Start with small areas and go through them one at a time over a couple of weeks. Choose a room, a corner, a desk or even just a drawer. If you find your tables, counters or shelves cluttered with appliances, consider built-in versions, such as the Electrolux EMS2048X microwave or the Electrolux EOK86030X compact oven to free up space.


While the extra space can feel a little empty initially, give yourself time to adjust and try to appreciate the extra breathing room.

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