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Exercise & eat smarter to keep those pounds off – here’s how!


Spending hours on the treadmill may not be the best way to go about dropping those pounds from your waistline. Studies show that while exercising may burn calories, the body may respond with a lower resting metabolic rate and increased hunger to replace those calories

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Your diet plays the biggest part in any weight loss regime, but exercising helps to improve and maintain your health.

But don’t give up your gym membership just yet. Exercising is still an effective way to maintain your weight, increase energy levels and reduce the risk of serious illnesses like heart disease. Paired with the right changes in diet, it can increase the effectiveness of a weight loss regime.

It helps to start with an understanding of the role of exercise in regulating your body’s weight.


Don’t overestimate the energy burn

While exercise will keep your body toned and fit, it may not burn off as much calories as you believe. 

A study of a tribe of hunter-gatherers, whose daily activity levels are much higher than the average city dweller’s, yielded an interesting finding. Despite the Hadza tribe being much more active than a typical American office worker, their average metabolic rate was not much more different. In other words, they were not burning a lot more calories.

So what resulted in the difference between the slimmer figure of a Hadza tribesman and the larger office worker?  It all came down to calorie intake.  The traditional diet of the Hadza consists of much less calories than those living a modern lifestyle. The modern diet in contrast promotes the consumption of processed foods laden with salt, sugar and fat. With a high calorie diet, even the most active people can pack on the pounds.


Underestimating how much we eat

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What we eat after exercise tends to be underestimated, or simply forgotten as we scarf down a quick snack. Combined with underestimating the amount of calorie burn, this extra consumption can lead to weight gain.

Try to keep fresh food handy for an attack of the munchies, or look into appliances that can help cook tasty foods quickly. The Electrolux FlexFresh range of refrigerators features bag clips that let you store bags of fruit or muesli for easy but healthy snacking.  For something more substantial, steam ovens like the Electrolux EOK96030X allow you to conveniently prepare healthy steamed dishes as well as use little to no oil in cooking your meals.


Overcompensating for energy burn

A study done on three groups of men found that those who performed hour-long intensive workouts lost less weight than those who performed moderate 30-minute exercises. Those engaged in intensive exercise tended to overcompensate by eating more afterwards, leading to increased calorie intake.

The key to higher weight loss? Increase daily activity moderately, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. This leads to higher energy expenditure without a corresponding increase in food consumption.

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