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Living life for longevity

How does one get to see their 100th birthday? If you ask those who have achieved a truly ripe old age, their answers can be as surprising as they are varied.

How to tell when your coffee is counterfeit

With rare coffees like the famed Kopi Luwak commanding hundreds of dollars per kilogram, industries trying to manufacture and sell counterfeits have started to pop up around the world.

Four Asian cures for the morning after

Whether it’s soju, sake or baijiu, consuming too much leads to the same result – the hangover – no matter where you reside. Fortunately, if you are in Asia, there are a few traditional remedies that can provide some much needed relief.

Fusing the best of east and west at mealtime

If you’ve ever had a California roll, a chili con carne or tried Electrolux resident chef’s unique smoked salmon in pie tee shells, you’ve enjoyed fusion cuisine. Fusion cuisine is a popular way to serve a dish with a difference, and many professional chefs have used it to make their mark.

Organising spaces for peaceful living

Much as we may love our families, sometimes we all just need a little space of our own. It might come in the form of a wardrobe where searching for your own stuff doesn’t become an archaeological dig; or find that your living room is filled with toys but has no space for your kids to play.