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The importance of fat in our diet


Fat has been vilified over the years as an unhealthy but necessary evil in our food. Without fat however, many foods would taste bland and look pretty dull.  

Fat is also a vital nutrient in our diets. They help our bodies absorb essential vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as help transport nutrients from one cell to another. Fats in a daily diet also help develop healthy skin and hair. The key is to consume in moderation, and only those healthy fats that come from sources like olive oils and fatty fish.  Here are other ways fat can help to spice up your diet.

Adding and holding flavour

There are many chemical compounds in food that are only soluble in fats – and these compounds are responsible for giving our foods both flavour and vitamin content. Fat also has the unique ability to absorb and preserve flavours, which is why artisan oils are infused with herbs and spices.

Cooking Oils
By In Praise of Sardines
Cooking oils come in different states and have different uses, from giving food texture to making it look better.

Fat can also add specific flavours to food. The way it coats the tongue helps flavours to last longer and even alter the overall culinary experience.

Making food look good

Combined with the right kitchen appliances like the Electrolux EOB98000X, fats and oils can give food an attractive glossy or moist look. This is due to the ability of fat to refract light.

Using an oven with a convection baking feature like the EOB9800X helps to brown food more evenly.

Fat also aids in the browning of food, giving fried or baked foods a golden brown colour.  The Electrolux EOB98000X has a convection fan bake feature that bakes food evenly through the oven, allowing foods to be browned for a more appealing result.

Aids heat transfer

A large part of the reason why fat is used in frying is that hot oil can transfer high levels of heat to the food, producing the “wok hei” flavour (a smoky flavour imparted to food cooked in a very hot wok) commonly found in popular Asian street food.

The trick lies in using cooking hobs like the Electrolux Brio, which can reach high cooking temperatures with its powerful and efficient burners.  Using fats and oils also facilitates the formation of crusts on food, giving them that crunchy exterior while the inside remains juicy and tender.

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