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Microwave don’ts – what not to put in the oven


While microwaves like the Electrolux EMS3067X can cook just about everything and anything, from blanching vegetables to brownies in a mug, there are just some things that shouldn’t go in one. Here’s a list of the biggest no-nos.

Egg in a shell

By Steve A Johnson

You can cook eggs in a microwave, just not with the shell still on. Since microwaves cook by vibrating water molecules in the food, this results in a build-up of steam within the shell. Then there’s only one way out for it – explosively.


By Zest-pk

Think you could get dried fruits from sticking them in the microwave? Stop right there. Fruits in the microwave are rarely a good idea, and can even be dangerous. Grapes, for example, can spark and catch on fire in the microwave.

Boiling water

Boiling Water
By Skakerman

Like eggs, it’s not that you can’t boil liquids in the microwave. Just don’t boil plain water in it. Pure water can occasionally get superheated in the microwave instead of boiling. And when a foreign object like a tea bag is introduced, the boiling hot water can explode in your hands. If you want to heat a drink to boiling point in the microwave, put something into it, be it a drink powder, tea bag or just a wooden spoon.


By gosheshe

Heard that you can clean and disinfect a sponge in the microwave? Throw that old wives’ tale out. The sponge will just probably catch on fire and leave a burn mark in the microwave. Not to mention leave a nasty smell in the kitchen. If you want to disinfect a sponge, put it in a dishwasher like the Electrolux ESF63021, which comes with a hygienic wash option intended to leave dirty items germ-free.

China with trim

Fine China
By anneh632

While you should probably think twice before putting any kind of fine china in the microwave, china with silver or gold trim should never go in. This is because the metal can react to the heat by sparking, damaging both the microwave and china. 

Paper bags

Lunch bag
By Bekathwia

Putting paper bags or even newspapers in the microwave is not just unsanitary, they can catch on fire and emit toxic fumes. This will contaminate any food you’ve placed within the paper.

Plastic Containers

Yogurt Container
By Wheeler Cowperthwaite

While some plastic containers may be microwave-safe, one-time use plastic containers, such as those used for yogurt, margarine or sour cream are typically not. These containers can melt or warp in the microwave, and release chemicals into the food.

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