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Getting children to choose healthy eating


Children are notoriously picky eaters. Unfortunately, they always seem to pick the foods that are least healthy for them.  But you can make it easier for them to choose fresh produce with a few tricks.

Make them attractive

New foods should be introduced slowly to children, who tend to shy away from eating unfamiliar items. Let them know that their taste buds sometimes need time to get used to a flavour and to give the produce a chance. Using a little hero worship, like letting them know the favourite vegetable of an athlete they idolise, and that they too, can grow as strong as them by eating their vegetables can help.

Farmer’s Market
By Robert Couse-Baker
Taking your child to a farmer’s market can be a fun way to introduce them to vibrant, fresh and tasty produce.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also especially colourful and vibrant, making them naturally appealing. They can be arranged in a fun pattern, or a cookie cutter can be used to cut them into fun shapes.

Make them easy to snack on

Cut back on junk food and make fresh fruits more accessible as snacks instead. When your kids are hungry, they’ll take whatever’s most easily available.

The FlexFresh refrigerator’s storage spaces can be easily customised to make healthy snacks more accessible to children. 

Here’s where you can help them make the fresh, healthy choice. Refrigerators like the Electrolux FlexFresh feature bag clips that make it easy to hang bags of cold, refreshing fruit for easy access. Simply prepare bags of fruit salads beforehand so that they can grab and snack quickly.

Make it Fun

If you have the luxury of a farmer’s market or beautifully decorated health food shop nearby, make shopping for fresh food a Saturday morning adventure with your kids. Let them see, pick and choose fresh foods that they like and want to try.

You could also break out the Electrolux Powermix Silent blender and make your own salsa or yogurt dip for vegetables. The blender is designed to create a silky smooth concoction out of any combination of ingredients, with its design creating a cyclonic force within the glass jug.

Or crank up the Electrolux FlexFresh’s fast freeze feature by creating fresh fruit icicles.

Their favourite fruits can  be turned into fun and refreshing icicle bars by placing them into an ice-cream mould and pouring fruit juice over them. Freeze them until solid, and you have a refreshing and sweet treat for a hot day.

Adopt the right attitude

Be a role model for good eating habits, and be sure to enjoy the fresh foods you eat in front of your kids. They tend to learn by example, and will pick up any eating habits you exhibit – good and bad.

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