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The quick guide to refrigerator symbols


Modern refrigerators like the Electrolux EQE6307SA come with a powerful and versatile set of features that enhance our food storage options as well as operation efficiency. And with them come new operating symbols:

Child Lock

Current user interfaces are designed to be easy-to-use – sometimes too easy. The Child Lock function on a refrigerator locks in the fridge’s settings, so that kids can’t accidentally tamper with the controls.

Drinks Chill Timer

The Drinks Chill function is used to quickly chill beverages. Some refrigerators like the Electrolux FlexFresh feature a Drinks Chill timer to optimise chilling times for different drinks.

The optimal chilling time for canned drinks is 10 minute, while soft drinks should take 30 minutes. Wine can also be chilled with this function, and are best chilled for 20 minutes. A buzzer is usually included to indicate when the chilling time is up.

Eco Mode

This is an energy-efficient operation mode that can be used to make running your refrigerator more environmentally friendly. It is best activated if you don’t open the doors a lot. This mode causes the refrigerator to use less power to cool the interior.

Newer refrigerators like the Electrolux FlexFresh take an intelligent approach to the utilisation of Eco mode. It automatically activates when its various compartments are set to a specific temperature range. When the temperature in any of these compartments drop or rise beyond the range, Eco mode is automatically deactivated.

Fast Freeze

The Fast Freeze function enables you to quickly freeze food in the freezer compartment without affecting temperatures in the refrigerator compartment.

This function is best used to quickly freeze a large quantity of food that has been just put in the freezer. Faster freezing also helps to preserve the texture and flavour of the food. To facilitate fast freezing, try to keep each individual item small.

Freezer Temperature Alarm

This is a warning system for when the freezer becomes too warm. This is usually due to something keeping the door open or warm food placed too close to the sensor, so check those first. If the alarm sounds again after a period of time, check the refrigerator as something may be wrong with its freezer.

Holiday Mode

A useful feature when the family goes on holiday or leaves the house for long periods. Most modern refrigerators automatically melt the frost on its evaporator coil to ensure optimal functioning of the fridge. In Holiday mode, the refrigerator minimises this defrosting process to save energy.

But, it maintains your temperature settings. This enables the fridge to be more energy-efficient during your vacation period.

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