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Four common bedroom design mistakes


The bedroom is one of our most important personal spaces, and it’s easy to go wild with its design – only to regret some decisions later. Many design mistakes however, are not all that uncommon.

By BellaFauxFinishes
Remember to make space for other furniture after your bed goes in, so you can actually live in your bedroom.

Not making personal space

It’s easy to overestimate available space in the bedroom before essentials like the bed goes in. Once that queen or king size bed is placed in the room, there may be trouble deciding where the rest of the furniture needs to go. And usually, it’s against the walls. This could leave little space for the bedroom’s occupants to move about, let alone live in.

The lightweight MobiONE vacuum cleaner is designed for easy storage in compact rooms or apartments. 

If you live in a small studio apartment, your bed is likely located in the same area as other living spaces. Look into compact appliances that offer maximum performance while taking up less space, like the Electrolux MobiONE compact vacuum, which is designed to be stored in any position in small spaces.

Forgetting the details

Watch the placement of the walls, windows and door. Make sure that there is enough space for beds, dressing tables, and appliances you may want in the room. You don’t want to buy a piece that is just a touch too big and blocks part of a window or light switch.   It may also overwhelm the overall aesthetics of the space.

Going colour crazy

Take the room’s colour into account, and don’t go overboard with colours. Dark rooms tend to look smaller, while white walls in large rooms can make them appear even bigger and cold.  The use of borders and accents can help change the feel of the room. Big borders can shorten wall space and make the room appear shorter, while carefully selected colours could give the room a cozy look.

Appliances can be used to provide colour accents to a room. Some appliances like the sleek Electrolux Ergorapido are designed to be visibly stored, and come in a variety of colours that can complement any room size or colour.

No storage space

With a smaller space, finding storage options can be challenging but also rewarding.  Get creative and think outside the box (or wardrobe).   If there isn’t enough space to fit both a bed and wardrobe, there may be a need to put in dressers or look at built-in options to fully maximise a small area.  Exploring unconventional storage options like furniture pieces that can also double up and store items is another great way of saving space and adding a personal touch to a space.

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