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3 common bathroom design no-nos


The bathroom is where we take care of our personal hygiene, so making sure that we have an area conducive to taking care of ourselves is important.  But a lack of planning can often lead to unfortunate bathroom design mistakes that can be costly or difficult to correct.

By kenmoo
A poorly designed bathroom can make performing your daily routines cramped and uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable spacing

Study the floor plans and measure the available space in a bathroom carefully. Tiny, cramped bathrooms are uncomfortable and inconvenient to use. The biggest luxury item you can get in your bathroom is space, which is why designers who are thinking of you create appliances like the Electrolux Allure water heater. These heaters are designed to be compact and sleek, taking up space no larger than a small briefcase.

The compact Electrolux Allure water heater is designed to fit into any bathroom design

Be sure that you have enough space for each fixture, and ensure you don’t go overboard – you don’t want your toilet bowl shoved too close to your sink just because you really wanted that large bath tub.

Height of fixtures

Take into account the height of the people using the bathrooms, then place your sinks and taps accordingly. You don’t want to have to bend over just to wash your hands. As a rule of thumb, allow for a height of 80cm to 90cm from the floor to the top of the basin.

The placement of taps depend on personal preference, but keep in mind that the higher it’s placed, the bigger the splash. If you have a shallow wash basin, placing your taps high may result in regularly wet floors.

Improper Installation

A bathroom incorporates electricity, water, slippery surfaces and other breakable objects. This makes it one of the most accident-prone areas in the home.  With appliances like the Allure water heaters however, you can enjoy relaxing showers without worry.  The heater is designed with a built-in surge protector that cuts electricity supply to the unit at the slightest hint of water leakage.


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