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Common laundry symbols you should know


Not all clothes are made the same, so why wash them with the same settings in the washing machine?  When it comes to your favourite fashion items or handling delicate materials, it’s essential to know your laundry symbols so that you can care for them and keep them looking their best for longer. 

Fortunately, modern washing machines like the latest Electrolux Time Manager range come with settings that let you customise everything from wash times and temperatures to the programmes to use.

Most clothing labels have a combination of symbols that tell you exactly how to take care of the item.

Washing symbols 


Hand wash, do not use a washing machine and handle with care.

Machine wash. The number on the symbol indicates the maximum temperature needed in degrees Celsius. The lack of a line under the symbol indicates that you should use the programme for cotton. This is usually the wash cycle with maximum speed, normal mechanical action as well as a normal rinse and spin cycle.

A line under the symbol indicates the type of programme to use. One line indicates that you should use the programme for synthetic materials, which uses a moderate speed, reduced mechanical action and spin.

Two lines under the symbol indicates the need to use a gentle wash cycle like the Wool programme that uses minimal wash speed.

When you see this symbol, it means do not wash.

Bleaching symbols 

The clothing item can be bleached.

Do not bleach.

Use a non-chlorine, colour-safe bleach.

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