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Understanding common drying and ironing symbols


The label on every piece of clothing we purchase contains important information for washing and drying the fabric. Unfortunately, due to the limited display area, laundering instructions often come in the form of symbols which not everyone may be familiar with. 

Modern dryers like the Electrolux EDP2074PDW come with a range of drying programmes to suit every material, from Extra Dry to Iron Dry. With its intuitive IQ touch control panel, this dryer makes it easier than ever to dry your clothes optimally according to the symbols on the label.

Ironing instructions are also often found on clothing labels. Irons like the Electrolux 5Safety Line Steam Iron, with its temperature dial and steam control, are more than equipped to take care of your clothes, no matter the material it’s made of.

The clothing can be tumble-dried. No dot in the centre indicates that there is no maximum temperature restriction.

The dot in the middle indicates the maximum drying temperature. One says that you should use a low-temperature drying cycle with a maximum of about 60oC.

Two dots indicate that you can use a normal drying cycle for the item.

Do not tumble-dry the item.

Air-dry the item, do not use a dryer. Iron as soon as it’s dry.

Hang the clothing item on a coat hanger to dry.

Lay out the item and dry it flat on a surface.

Ironing Symbols

The dots in an iron symbol indicate the temperature that should be used. One dot indicates that you should use a cold iron (110°C), and is usually used for acrylic, nylon and acetate materials.

Two dots mean that you can use a hot iron (150°C) for polyester and wool clothing.

Three dots mean that you should use a very hot iron (200°C) for cotton and linen clothing.

Do not iron the clothing.







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