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Breathe easier with these concepts at the Electrolux Design Lab 2013


A fashion-forward wearable air purifier and a wall that changes the environment to replicate a happy memory are among the eight finalist designs at this year’s global Electrolux Design Lab competition.

Singaporean Wei Kiat Law and South Korean Jeabyun Yeon beat out over 1,700 innovative entries from around the world to reach the final eight.

OZ-1 Concept:  The ‘Chic Purifier’

Law, a student at the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, designed the OZ-1, a fashionable air purifier that can be worn around the neck or under a collar. The OZ-1 contains not just an ozone generator and HEPA filter to purify the air you breathe; it comes with a built-in atomizer that dispenses a fragrant mist from the built-in perfume cartridge.

In doing so, Law hopes that the OZ-1 not only lets the wearer breathe healthier air, but also helps them relax while doing so.

The idea for the concept began as a purifier for cigarette smoke, said Law, but he modified it after the competition’s panel of experts suggested that he evolve the design for a broader market.

Around the same time, the Pollutant Standards Index in Singapore reached an extremely unhealthy level due to forest fires in neighbouring countries.  And so the latest evolution of the OZ-1 was created.  Said Law: “The haze not only affected people’s health, but dampened their moods; I wanted to incorporate fashion into the design to lighten the situation with a concept that could also complement the user’s sense of style.”

Breathing Wall Concept:  The wall that remembers

Yeon, a student at the Samsung Art and Design Institute in South Korea, is the designer of the Breathing Wall, an indoor wall concept that allows people to input information about a happy memory into it. Whenever they wish to relax and de-stress by recalling the happy memory, the wall modifies the atmosphere in the home to replicate the environment in which the memory took place.  The wall will also display movement such as the breathing of fish, so the person can see and feel the moment.

Yeon’s home city of Seoul was the inspiration behind his Breathing wall concept.  Said Yeon: “When I first heard of the “Urban Living” theme, I immediately thought of Seoul – tall buildings, lots of cars and a vast number of people cramped into a small city.  It’s where I was born and live, but it can be a stressful place.”

“To combat stress, I visit places like the aquarium or parks to relax and unwind. These experiences helped to form the initial foundation for my concept.”

Law and Yeon will join six other finalists and present their concepts to a professional jury on 16 October at the final event in Stockholm, Sweden.

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