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Common no-nos in decorating the home


The house might be outfitted with the right furniture, but there’s something about it that doesn’t seem quite right.  Having the basics in a house doesn’t guarantee the creation of a home. Common home décor mistakes can make a space feel cold or awkward.

Bad lighting

Nothing quite ruins the ambience like a bright overhead light that acts like a spotlight. Try to have at least three different light sources in a room. If that’s not possible, try a chandelier to diffuse the overhead light or a table lap with an adjustable dimmer.

By A.J. Kandy
It is best to have multiple light sources in a room, as well as a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting to suit the time of day.

Using dimmer switches is also a great way to control the mood and feeling of the environment. It also allows customisable lighting to suit different moods and times of the day.

Awkward furniture placement

Don’t just shove the furniture to the walls, this could make the room look smaller and less appealing. Push the furniture away from the walls and bring them more to the center of the room. Make it a communal focal point, which can also make the space feel larger.

For large rooms, give each area a purpose, such as a couch and two chairs together for group conversations, or a tall floor lamp next to a chair for reading and relaxation.

Following trends

Be careful of following home decoration trends blindly, as they may end up looking tacky in the future. Worse, the items may be hard to get rid of.

Appliances designed by Electrolux, such as the Ebony Kitchen range, are intended to harmonise with any home. Designed to create a timeless, classic look, these sleekly designed appliances are made to stand the test of time.

Unsightly cables

Modern homes are chock-full of electrical gadgets and appliances, which require power cables to operate. If not managed properly, these cables can turn into unsightly tangles.

Look into appliances like the Electrolux Ergorapido 2in1, which can be installed upright next to a power point and whose charging unit has in-built storage for excess cord. This sleek upright vacuum can also double as an elegant design piece to complement the look of any home.

Small rugs

By librarygrrrl
The size of a rug in a room can affect our perception of how large – or small – it really is.

Placing an area rug in a room, especially one with wood floors, can give it a more comforting, homey look. Rugs that are too small however, can make the room look smaller than it is. Invest in large rugs, especially for small rooms. For big spaces, look into a rug that will fit at least half, if not all of your couch, with space for a few chairs and a coffee table.

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