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Storing eggs with a home freezer


If you’ve bought one too many eggs, cracked one by accident or only use them very rarely, don’t let them go to waste.

While most eggs go bad in about a month, frozen eggs in the freezer can last for up to a year. This makes them usable in cooking and baking later.

Frozen eggs
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When freezing whole eggs, it is best to crack them into a bowl or tray for storage.

It’s best to freeze eggs separately, so you can thaw only what you need. You can use containers like an ice cube tray to do so. Refrigerators like the Electrolux FlexFresh come with a fast freeze option to freeze food quicker. This helps to preserve the flavour and texture of the eggs. The refrigerators also come with customisable storage, so you can organise the items for easy access later.

Whole eggs

Whole eggs cannot be frozen in the shell, as the water content in raw eggs will expand while freezing and crack it. This not only creates a mess, but may also allow bacteria in.

Cracked Frozen Eggs
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Do not freeze eggs in the shells, as the freezing process will cause the insides to expand and crack the shell, potentially exposing them to other bacteria in the freezer.

To freeze whole eggs, crack them into a bowl first, and gently stir to break up the yolk a little. Add in half a teaspoon of salt for each cup of whole eggs. If the eggs are to be used in dessert, use one tablespoon of sugar instead.

Try not to let air into the eggs. Remember to label the container with the date and the number of eggs in it.

Egg whites

To freeze raw egg whites, break and separate the eggs one by one, making sure that no yolk gets into the whites. Pour the egg white into trays and freeze until firm. Frozen egg whites can be used in foods like meringue, cakes or boiled frosting.

Egg yolks

Egg yolks can get lumpy during storage. So like whole eggs, stir in salt or sugar into the separated egg yolks before storage. Frozen egg yolks can be used in sauces, custards, ice cream, cakes, scrambled eggs and cooked puddings.

Using frozen eggs

It is best to thaw eggs in the refrigerator and use them as soon as they are thawed. This may be an overnight process, so plan your cooking time accordingly. Only use frozen eggs in dishes that will be thoroughly cooked.

If you’ve frozen the eggs together in a large batch, but only need to use one or two eggs in a recipe, just use these general guidelines. Use two tablespoons of thawed egg white if the recipe calls for one large fresh egg white; one tablespoon of thawed egg yolk for one large fresh egg yolk and three tablespoons of thawed whole egg for one large fresh egg.

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