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Three common meat cooking mistakes


With professional kitchen equipment being increasingly adapted for consumer use, there’s no reason why our meat can’t taste as though it’s come straight out of a restaurant kitchen. There are however, many common cooking mistakes that can cause our proteins to come out dry or unevenly cooked. Fortunately, a few of them are easily avoided. 

Cooking meat straight from the refrigerator

Don’t just pop meat straight from the fridge onto the stove or oven. More often than not, you could end up with unevenly cooked meat, where the exterior is dry and overcooked but the centre remains rare or raw.

Try to plan ahead and allow the meat to stand at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes to completely take the chill out of it. The time you need for the meat to warm up depends on its size. Even smaller cuts, like chicken parts, will benefit from this.

Using intelligent ovens like the Electrolux Inspiro can make it easier to cook meat and help take the guesswork out of the resting process. With input from professional chefs, the oven’s auto-focus sensors can automatically detect the temperature of the meat and adjust the cooking accordingly to produce succulent results.

Overcrowding the pan

By mjtmail (tiggy)
Ensure that the pan is not overcrowded when cooking meat, or you might end up boiling rather than searing it.

If you’re searing several pieces of meat at the same time, use a pan large enough to comfortably place all of them in, or cook them separately.

Food releases moisture as it’s cooked, and there needs to be room to let the steam escape. By crowding the pan, you lower the temperature of the pan surface, and the released moisture ends up steaming the surrounding pieces of meat.

Even if you’re intending to use the meat in a stew, properly seared and browned pieces are critical for adding flavour to a dish. This is especially so when using lean meat.

If you need to speed things up, use a hob like the Electrolux Brio, whose multiple burners can reach the same high temperatures as those in a professional kitchen. This not only helps to create a beautiful sear, it also allows you to use two pans at once if you need to speed things up.

Compacting meat patties

Meat Patty
By Allan Reyes
When cooking meat patties, do not try to compact the minced meat too much.

When making burger patties out of minced meat, use your hands to shape them, and don’t compact them too densely. Densely packed meat shrinks more as it cooks, leading to a less juicy result.

Use a light touch when forming the patties, enough to form a sturdy patty, but not longer than necessary. You can also use your thumb to make a small indentation in the centre of the patty before cooking. Burgers tend to swell in the middle as they heat up, so doing so will help the patty keep its shape.

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