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The quick guide to putting together an antipasto plate

Hosting a multi-course dinner party can be a stressful event to prepare for, with the need to get everything assembled, cooked and served at the right times.

Spooktacularly healthy Halloween treats

Halloween may be a time for fun frights, but that doesn’t mean you have to load up your kids with scary amounts of sugary treats. With the right all-natural substitutes or simply through the use of organic produce, Halloween sweets can be easy on the waistline as well as your teeth.

Diets that keep us happy – and healthy

Most people are aware of the phenomenon of emotional eating – the habit of reaching for comfort food whenever we are unhappy or upset.

Quick tips for delicious food photos

In the age of social media, sharing what we eat has gone beyond splitting a portion of food. Photos of meals taken by smartphone are quite frequently put up on Facebook, blogs and other online channels for the admiration (and envy) of the people in our social networks.

Spices that add an extra oomph to dessert

Bored of sickly sweet endings to your meals? Try adding spices or savoury herbs to them.

Cleaning robots, food printer and a breathing wall takes the top spots at EDL 2013

It’s been a busy day at work, but now that you’re home, it’s time to switch gears and let the appliances in your home take care of you.

Refrigeration tips for long vacations

It’s the eve of your long awaited vacation. The neighbours have been informed, the house has been secured and most appliances have been unplugged. Now there’s just the matter of dealing with the refrigerator so you don’t end up with spoiled food or a heft utility bill on your return.

Quick tips to clean up like a professional

Getting that extra shine out of the floors and furniture need not be a matter of paying the professionals. With some extra attention to detail, the house can be made to sparkle as though you’ve called in the experts.

Baking up delicious rice dishes

Rice can be a versatile cooking ingredient, with different preparation methods and results to suit every palate. It can be enjoyed crispy, fluffy or even al dente.

The beginner’s guide to tapas

Tapas bars and restaurants are carving out a niche in the nightlife of many Asian cities. Originating from Spain, these small but delicious dishes are usually served up to accompany drinks.