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Four kitchen design mistakes to avoid


The kitchen is a large part of our home lives, where we cook, eat and even socialise with family and friends. A practical yet elegant kitchen design should thus avoid these no-nos.

Disrupting the kitchen triangle

The kitchen triangle refers to the three areas of greatest activity in any kitchen – the sink, stove and refrigerator. Most kitchens are designed such that these three areas are placed in a triangular layout to facilitate easy access and movement between them.

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The classic kitchen triangle design places the sink, fridge and cooking hob in a triangular layout.

Of this three, the sink is likely the most commonly used area. However, they are often installed near the plumbing.  Instead of allowing the location of the plumbing to dictate where the sink is, consider relocating the plumbing to accommodate the best placement for the sink.

The sum of the distance between the areas in a work triangle should not be less than three metres and more than eight metres. If the distance is too small, people will get in the way of each other. And if the distance is too large, it could make cooking a rather tiring task.

For small kitchens, consider an L-shaped kitchen design, which maximises corner space. This versatile layout consists of countertops on two adjoining walls perpendicular to each other, forming an “L”. With this layout, traffic is eliminated, and frees up more space in the rest of the area for a dining space or other work zones.

L-shaped kitchen
By: Kavanjin Croatia Apartments
For apartments with limited kitchen space, an L-shaped design helps to maximise the available area.


Ignoring counter-top work space

Even if you live in a small apartment, always set aside enough work space to prepare food on. Consider all the activities that will require a counter-top space, as well as appliances that may be permanently located there such as blenders and toasters.

Consider also cooking hobs like the 90cm Electrolux Brio cooking hob, which has a spacious burner layout that provides an alternative workspace when you need to keep an eye on the cooking.  Compact appliances like the 60cm Electrolux RealLife freestanding dishwasher can also help to free up more space for other uses.

Poor lighting

You can’t afford to have poor lighting in the kitchen. This goes beyond a matter of comfort and design, but one of safety, since you’ll be handling sharp knives as well as hot food and equipment often.

Rooms generally need three kinds of lighting – general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Evaluate the work spaces in your kitchen and think about how each spot can get the light it needs, such as lighting directly over the main areas.  You can also consider under-cabinet lighting as an additional way to ensure counters have sufficient lighting for common kitchen tasks.

Forgetting ventilation

A kitchen that looks great but smells of last night’s dinner will still be a turn-off. Invest in good cooking hoods to help improve the quality of the air in your kitchen. The Electrolux EFC9588X Ebony Silence hood is not just quiet, but has a high air extraction power rating that ensures effective cleaning of the air after cooking.

Effective ventilation will not just keep the air smelling good, but the kitchen clean, as it also extracts grease particles. This can help extend the life of your kitchen appliances and provide a cleaner and more comfortable home environment for everyone.

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