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The care and preservation of paintings at home


Whether it’s an expensive masterpiece or a piece of art you’ve painstakingly created, you’ll want the paintings you hang on your walls to last and look its best. And you don’t need to have the vast resources of museums to do so.

Finding a location

There’s a reason why museums tend to have similar temperatures and relative humidity. To preserve works of art for the long term optimally, temperatures need to be kept between 19 to 21°C, with a relative humidity of between 40% to 55%. The humidity should not fluctuate more than 5% in a day.

Painting in rooms
By DNA Art Online

Paintings should be hung away from direct sources of light and other sources of heat or moisture.

In a private home setting, investing in a good air conditioner like the Electrolux Viva Grande, whose extra-large louvers ensure air is circulated to all parts of the room, can help to recreate the environmental conditions needed.

Choosing the right room to display the art matters too. Rooms which have access to the outdoors, such as rooms with open windows or doors that lead out of the house can cause great fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Exterior walls, or walls which are exposed to the outdoors on one side, can be colder and damper in certain seasons. Exposing the painting to dry heat or cold temperatures can cause the oils to crack.

Hanging the painting

Try to keep the painting out of harm’s way and minimise the risk of it being bumped, leaned against, touched with fingers or splattered upon.

Ensure that the painting is kept out of direct sunlight at any time of the day, since UV rays can cause the artwork to fade.  Hang it where there will be low levels of direct lighting.

Try to keep the room free of airborne pollutants such as fireplace or candle soot, tar from cigarettes, dust particles, and oil and grease from the kitchen. These may attach to the surface of the painting and damage it over time.  With the Viva Grande air conditioner, you can rest easier as its high grade HEPA filters and plasma technology will help filter microscopic particles and kill bacteria in the air.

Viva Grande
The Electrolux Viva Grande range of air conditioners are ideal for tuning the temperature and humidity in the home environment to optimal levels.


Cleaning a painting

If you find dust on the painting, lightly brush the dust away using a Chinese watercolour brush or a very soft feather duster. If you can, turning the painting over and gently shaking the dust off may also work. Take care not to touch the canvas with your fingers. 

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