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Diets that keep us happy – and healthy


Most people are aware of the phenomenon of emotional eating – the habit of reaching for comfort food whenever we are unhappy or upset.

But the link between food and our emotions go both ways, as scientists have recently discovered. Research has shown that the bacteria in our gut can affect our brain chemistry and alter our emotions.

Low levels of beneficial intestinal flora – or bacteria – that help digest and absorb nutrients have been linked to increased anxiety and even depression in people. So helping the good bacteria to thrive in our stomachs is important to maintaining a positive mental state.

Feed the good bacteria

Even intestinal bacteria needs to eat, and their food of choice are nutrients known as prebiotics.

Foods rich in prebiotics include high-fibre eats like onions, bananas, garlic and greens. On the other hand, refined sugars and fats found in processed foods have been found to encourage the growth of harmful microbes in the gut. Eschewing a diet high in fat, sugar and starch is thus key to not just weight loss, but happiness too.

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Get the right probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria found in food and nutritional supplements. There are many different types of good bacteria however, so if you have a specific health goal in mind, check the type of probiotic a food might contain. For example, the Lactobacillus casei strain has been found to reduce the frequency of ear infections in children, while Bifidobacterium infantis helps to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Foods like yogurt and miso have been found to be high in probiotic content. Fortunately, they are also easy and delicious to eat. Yogurt can be blended with fruits to make delicious smoothies, and blenders like the Electrolux Powermix Silent make it a quick and fuss free affair to create silky smooth concoctions to start the day right.

Swiss Chard
By txoof
Swiss chard is a little-known vegetable that has a high magnesium content, which is associated with higher energy levels and reduced risk of depression.

Eating the right vitamins and minerals

Other than intestinal bacteria, vitamins and minerals also play their part in regulating our moods. Magnesium, folate, omega-3, zinc and calcium have been found to reduce stress levels and inflammation while helping to protect the brain.

Feel free to indulge in Swiss chard, mussels, salmon, asparagus, honey and even coconuts for a healthier, happier diet.

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