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A quick primer on high end beef


The words “Angus” and “Wagyu” on restaurant menus are often followed by prices that would give pause to even the most ardent aficionados. 

Beyond marketing, what gives these two breeds their premium pricing is their exceptional marbling. Marbling is the amount of intramuscular fat, and is said to improve flavour and tenderness, in addition to keeping meat moist while cooking.

This is why premium beef cuts tend to be graded on their marbling, with the highest degree of marbling called “Prime”.   If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on a premium Wagyu or Angus steak, consider using steam combination ovens like the Electrolux EOB8851AAX, whose low temperature cooking function is ideal for finishing a seared steak and bringing it to the preferred doneness without risk of overcooking it.


Angus Beef
By freecandy13
Angus cows are typically grass fed, giving the beef higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. 


The name Angus refers to a breed of cattle hailing from Scotland. The Angus cow is typically black and without horns. Compared to other types of beef, Angus steaks have better marbling than most.

Angus cattle should typically be grass-fed and raised organically. This gives their fat a higher amount of the healthy Omega-3 fatty acid, making them a little more palatable to the health-conscious.

Angus beef tends to be graded higher, although buying beef called Angus doesn’t always guarantee quality. Depending on the country’s regulations, beef from cows that are cross-bred with Angus cattle could be labeled as Angus and sold at cheaper prices. To ensure that what you are buying is pure Angus, look for a label that states it is “Certified Angus Beef”.


Wagyu beef
By powerplantop
Wagyu beef is known for its intense marbling and rich flavour, making it best consumed and appreciated in small portions.

Wagyu is a breed of cattle that originated in Japan. The Wagyu breed of cow is genetically predisposed to intense marbling, and produces a higher percentage of unsaturated fat than all other breeds of cattle.

Wagyu steak is said to be more marbled than Angus, and have a more intense flavour. The richness of the beef makes it better consumed in smaller portions.

The prized Kobe beef and the lesser-known Matsusaka beef come from Wagyu cows, with their respective names coming from the regions they are raised in. Methods for raising Wagyu cows also tend to be resource-intensive, with Matsusaka cows said to be fed beer to increase their appetite and enjoy regular massages to promote marbling.

Kobe and Matsusaka Wagyu beef from Japan are rarely exported out of the country, with most restaurants serving American-raised Wagyu steaks. This makes real Wagyu beef from Japan extremely rare and expensive, and prices of US$500 per kilogram are not unheard of.

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