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Tips for a cleaner, shinier bathroom


An afternoon spent cleaning the bathroom is hardly the ideal day to spend the day for many people. Fortunately, there are many handy household items that can clean common problem spots efficiently. 

Killing mould and mildew
Mould and mildew can form and spread easily in the humid climates found in many Asian countries. Using white vinegar to clean the grout between bathroom tiles and other fixtures can kill bacteria and eliminate odours.

Grout is porous and absorbs oils from shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. This can lead to mildew growth that can spread to the tiles it surrounds. Clean mildew by filling a spray bottle with equal parts vinegar and hot water. Spray the shower or tub walls, the bathroom floor and toilet with the solution and let it sit for a while before scrubbing with a hard-bristle brush. Finish by giving the surfaces a good rinse.

While waiting for the cleaning solution to sit on the shower walls and floor, you can fill another spray bottle with ¼ cup vinegar, ½ teaspoon of dishwashing soap and two cups water. Apply this mixture to mirrors, countertops and fixtures, then wipe with a cloth or paper towels.

Clear mineral deposits
The buildup of limescale and other mineral stains can be an especially stubborn problem in areas with hard water, or water with a high mineral content. Water heaters like the Electrolux Aura range are designed to prevent limescale buildup on the heating element and accompanying showerhead.

By Paulpod
Hard water often results in the build-up of mineral deposits on bathroom fixtures.

For taps and plugs where this is an issue, make a paste of salt and lemon juice and spread it on the area. Rub off after five minutes with a damp sponge.

For more stubborn stains, soak paper towels in undiluted vinegar and place it on the limescale buildup. Leave overnight before scrubbing and rinsing the next day.

If a showerhead becomes clogged with mineral deposits, fill a plastic bag with undiluted white vinegar and place the bag over the head so it is submerged in the mixture. Secure and seal the bag over the showerhead with a rubber band. Soak overnight and then scrub the affected areas with a toothbrush.

The Electrolux Allure water heaters are designed to prevent the buildup of limescale and other hard-to-clean mineral deposits.


Minimise cleaning
Minimise the need to clean with proper maintenance of the bathroom. Start by taking a minute to wipe down the wall, tub and faucets with a towel after showering. This helps to remove soap residue and prevent mineral deposits.

After showering, pull the shower curtain closed, so water can’t sit in the folds. Spread your towel over two hooks to dry, or hang it on rods instead. You can further discourage mildew growth by increasing the amount of air circulation and light to decrease moisture.  Use ventilation fans or dehumidifiers during your shower and for about half an hour after, and open the windows.

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