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Rice varieties for multi-cultural dinners

For many people, rice is a daily staple that goes well with almost any dish or cuisine when cooked right. Finding the right one to perfectly complement a dish however can be an art.

Quick fusion tapas ideas for parties

Tapas can be the ideal food to serve when trying to host a fuss-free soiree. Serving a variety of tasty dishes family-style in the middle of the table is also a great way to get guests talking to each other and about the food.

A new look at the Margarine vs. Butter debate

Margarine has been feted for a generation as a healthier substitute for butter. But is it really? A recent review by researchers in the British Medical Journal may indicate otherwise.

The secret alternative uses of rice cookers

Before the invention of the rice cooker, preparing this staple was a simple but time-consuming affair. Having an appliance that automatically brings rice to a boil, senses when to reduce it to a simmer then keep the result warm has saved many homemakers time and countless headaches over the years.

Leftover ideas for delicious post-holiday meals

With the amount of traditional roasts and dishes that make their appearance at Christmas dinner, most small families tend to have enough leftovers to last over the next week.

Quick dressing tips for New Year’s Eve parties

New Year’s Eve parties can run the gamut from a cosy gathering at a friend’s home to an upscale party at a trendy location in town. The last night of the year can be a big enough day without the added stress of worrying about what to wear.

Fusion dishes for Christmas day

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to serve up those festive favourites once again.  With kitchen equipment like the Electrolux Inspiration Steam Combination oven, you will literally be able to bake your cake, eat it and more! And if you are looking to change things up this year, simply give your favourite […]

Breaking bread has never been more fun

Bread is one of the few universal foods, rich in nutrients, energy and flavour and highly effective in curbing hunger. Every country, region or city has their own special variants and it’s a staple you can eat almost any time of the day.

Natural hair treatments found in the kitchen

You may be surprised to learn that everything our predecessors have used to keep their hair looking great can already be found in your kitchen. Just be sure to turn down the temperature of your showers before using natural hair treatments at home.

Getting the perfect pork roast out of your oven

The perfect pork roast should have a crisp, sharp crackling covering moist, evenly cooked meat. But that ideal can be tricky to achieve. Roast it at too high a temperature or for too long, and you could get a dry, tough and nigh inedible dish. Roast it too little and not only will the skin be chewy, you could be serving a health hazard. When it comes to getting the perfect pork roast, the answer may lie in the details.