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Surprising and quick uses for charcoal


Putting away your BBQ grill for the winter and wondering what to do with the leftover charcoal? Why not use it for some improvements around your home?

Charcoal can help adsorb odours and impurities in the air like grease and chlorine.  That’s why cooking hoods like the Electrolux EFC9583X glass chimney hood have activated carbon filters which help to efficiently remove cooking odours and particles from the kitchen. This results in a cleaner, better-smelling cooking area in the home.

The Electrolux EFC9583X comes with a charcoal filter that helps to extract organic particles from the air and keep the kitchen odour-free.


There are plenty of other ways to utilise extra charcoal, and some of them may surprise you.

Odour killer

Charcoal naturally absorbs moisture, which prevents the growth of bacteria that thrive in wet environments. This includes mould and mildew, helping to keep the air smelling fresh in rooms that have a tendency to be damp.

You can put a few pieces in an old pair of pantyhose and hang it in the basement, bathroom, drawers, closets or even the fridge.

Charcoal can also adsorb organic pollutants from the air, so you can place them anywhere to remove odours. Putting a piece into an old sock and sticking them in your footwear can also reduce odour in your shoes.

Moisture absorber

The moisture absorbing properties of charcoal can be useful in preventing rusting on household tools and tackle boxes.  Just put a couple of lumps into the tool or tackle box to keep your hammers, screwdrivers and fishing hooks from rusting.

By dan
Don’t throw out that leftover bag of charcoal – there’re still plenty of uses for it.

A few pieces in a plastic bag, which is then wrapped around the metal parts of gardening tools can help to keep them from rusting as well.

Keeping plants fresher

The cleansing properties of charcoal don’t just stop with the air around us. They can help keep the water in vases clean and clear, resulting in flowers that last longer. Charcoal also increases drainage and alkalinity helping some plants, like orchids and bromeliads, thrive in soil with a small amount of it.

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