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Pairing wine glasses with the right wines


Wine appreciation for the oenophile goes beyond the vino to the glass in which it’s served. There’s a science behind the varying sizes of wine glasses used to serve different wines in gourmet establishments. 

By investing in a good wine chiller like the Electrolux Vino, with its Perfect Set temperature control, UV-filtered glass Door and PureAdvantage filter, you can rest assured that having the appropriate glasses is all you’ll need to worry about when serving wine at home. While there are literally hundreds of styles out there, wine glasses can be sorted into a few general categories to make it easier for the layman.

The Electrolux Vino wine chiller comes with features designed to store and preserve the best wines.

Big red wine glass

Suitable wines: Burgundy, Pinot Noir, Piedmont

These large glasses with a bowl shape have a wider mouth, which means more exposure to the air, allowing the wine to “breathe” better. These work well for what are known as “big red wines”, and add a touch of flair to the dinner table.

Small red wine glass

Suitable wines: Bordeaux, Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Shiraz, Sangiovese

Also called a large tulip or narrowing goblet, these glasses have a wide base that tapers to a narrower mouth. This allows swirling, but the smaller opening concentrates the aroma of complex red wines and directs it at the nose. This shape also presents fruity aromas first, then the tannin.

If you only want to keep one set of wine glasses at home, these are the best candidates for all-purpose wine glasses.

Wine Glasses
By zirconicusso

Different wines have differing characteristics that are best brought out by different glasses.

Big white wine glass

Suitable wines: Chardonnay, Bordeaux Blanc

Despite its name, this glass is still slightly smaller than a small red wine glass, but still features a wide bottom. Tapered at the top, this glass can hold up to seven ounces of wine and provides room to swirl. These glasses tend to have long stems that can help keep the wine cool.

Small white wine glass

Suitable wines: Chablis, Viognier, Riesling

The smaller version of a tulip wine glass, this glass is simply a little taller and narrower than a large white wine glass. It is shaped in this manner as there is less need to aerate white wine, and needs to be kept chilled.

The shape helps to concentrate the aromas of the wine, making it a good glass for aromatic white wines like a Riesling.

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