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Getting the perfect pork roast out of your oven


The perfect pork roast should have a crisp, sharp crackling covering moist, evenly cooked meat. But that ideal can be tricky to achieve. Roast it at too high a temperature or for too long, and you could get a dry, tough and nigh inedible dish. Roast it too little and not only will the skin be chewy, you could be serving a health hazard. When it comes to getting the perfect pork roast, the answer may lie in the details.

Get the right cuts

Make sure you pick the right parts of the pig for roasting. The loin, belly or leg are generally the best candidates. They should preferably come with a thick layer of fat, which helps to keep the joint moist during cooking so it doesn’t dry out. It also helps with the flavour, and can be removed before eating.

Roast Pork

The perfect roast pork can be said to be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Prepare it right

If you’re storing the pork in the fridge before cooking, try to leave it unwrapped in a lower shelf, since crackling is best made with dry skin. The Electrolux FlexFresh range of refrigerators, with their flexible shelving can help to create a separate space for storing the raw pork and reduce the risk of contamination. Do take the meat out several hours prior to cooking and leave in a cool place so that it can be at room temperature when put into the oven.

Trim off the excess fat before cooking. You just need to leave a ¼ inch layer of fat on the surface for flavour and moisture. If there is no fat, the meat can be barded or rubbed with oil. Use a sharp knife to slash or score the skin before cooking. For extra flavour, massage any oil, salt or seasoning into the skin and make sure it goes into the cracks.

When there is more than one roast, make sure there is space between them so they can cook evenly.

The large-capacity Electrolux Inspiration range of ovens have up to nine shelf racks to place food, while the Ultra Fan Plus convection feature ensures circulation of heat around the meat to ensure even cooking.

Know your temperatures

Pork roasts should at least have an internal temperature of about 70oC to ensure that the meat is safe to eat. Cook for 25 minutes per 450 grams of pork and then an additional 25 minutes at 200 oC in the oven. The Electrolux EOB8851AAX oven helps to cook a perfect roast with a food probe that tells you the internal temperature of the meat without ever having to open the oven.

Tie it up

Roasts that are tied will retain their shape and look more appealing on the plate. Boneless roasts can be reshaped by tying them up, and can be made into a roll with uniform thickness to ensure even cooking. This can also allow you to add stuffing to the roast.

Rest it

By Chef E
Resting the pork before carving ensures a juicy meal.

For best results, allow the roast to rest for 10 to 15 minutes before carving. In this time, the juices in the meat are redistributed throughout so it’ll still be juicy after carving. If you need to see that the meat is done, prick it. The juices that are released should be clear, with no pink colouring.

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