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Breaking bread has never been more fun


Bread is one of the few universal foods, rich in nutrients, energy and flavour and highly effective in curbing hunger. Every country, region or city has their own special variants and it’s a staple you can eat almost any time of the day. 

Whichever bread you choose, there is one common denominator – it’s usually best served warm.

Toasters like the Electrolux ETS5210 come with an integrated bun warmer and self-centering bread guide that ensures your bread is served at just the right temperature and texture to complement any meal.

The Electrolux ETS5210 toaster comes with an integrated bun warmer that allows you to toast any type of bread easily.

Bread rolls

A small, often round loaf of bread just big enough for one person. Bread rolls are usually fluffy and soft, which makes them great for eating simply, plain or with butter. It’s not unheard of to fill it with a filling to create a mini-sandwich that’s great for a quick snack on the go.

Bread rolls tend to stave off hunger before the meal’s dishes are served, but are not large enough to totally fill a person up.  For those who prefer something crisper or crustier, mini-baguettes can also serve as an accompaniment for soup. Asian breads like mantou, a type of steamed bun or banh mi can also be used as suitable pre-dinner snacks or as an accompaniment for mains.

Flat breads

Flat breads are simple breads made with flour, water, and salt and then thoroughly rolled into flattened dough. Many of them are unleavened, or made without yeast.  The Middle-Eastern Pita, South Asian Naan, Italian Focaccia and Baltic Lavash are common examples of flat breads.

Their shape and size make it easy to serve with toppings – many pizzas outside of Italy are created using pita bread as a base. Garlic, cheese and dried fruit are also common naan flavours. Flatbreads are ideal for scooping up curry or dips, or eating with soups.

Bread Basket
By Witthaya Phonsawat
Bread is a worldwide staple that can come in many forms for a pre-dinner appetiser.

Bread sticks

Breadsticks are usually pencil-sized sticks of crisp, dry bread which originated in Europe. They are popular as appetizers, easily eaten due to their size. They may also be combined with dips or ingredients which can be wrapped around them, such as parma ham for a great party snack.

Breadsticks can be baked with spices such as paprika, pepper, poppy seeds and garlic as a crisp snack, or occasionally stuffed with cheese and baked.

Flavoured breads

There are flavoured bread staples that can be eaten on their own without accompaniments. The sweet cornbread from North America can almost double as a cake, while sourdough, which likely originated in Egypt, is now popular in Europe and North America.

Sourdough has a slightly sour taste due to its preparation process, which includes some fermentation of the dough. The result is usually quite filling, and the denseness of the bread makes it ideal to serve as a soup bowl for creamy soups like chowder.


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