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Fusion dishes for Christmas day


Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to serve up those festive favourites once again.  With kitchen equipment like the Electrolux Inspiration Steam Combination oven, you will literally be able to bake your cake, eat it and more!

And if you are looking to change things up this year, simply give your favourite recipes a uniquely delicious Asian twist.  With readily available selection of herbs, spices and ingredients used in everyday Asian cooking, this couldn’t be easier.

Roast meats

Roast meats like turkey, beef and pork are staples at Christmas dinners in Asia, although giving them an Asian twist is rare.

Take a cue from Electrolux Chef-in-Residence, Eric Low, who has provided two recipes for roasts this holiday season.  A South Asia-inspired Roast pork loin with raisin and apple chutney, and a Roast Beef with Truffle Soy Braised Mushrooms that carries a hint of East Asian influence.

Roast Beef
By www.gourmetestorie.com
Chef E’s roast beef with truffle soy braised mushrooms incorporates Asian ingredients into a Christmas favourite.

The Inspiration steam combination oven is great for slow cooking meats and producing a crisp, seared exterior with a juicy interior that’s roasted to the preferred doneness.


Gravy can be boring if it comes out of a can or packet.  Whipping one up from scratch however is surprisingly easy.  The base of any gravy is a roux (a creamy mixture) that uses flour and butter.  When roasting the meat in the oven, be sure to place a pan under it to catch the juices that ooze out of the meat during cooking.  Better yet, scrape the bottom of the pan to capture all that slightly charred, caramel flavours.  Strain and use this liquid to thin out the roux and season it with herbs to your taste.

Pork Loin
By Chef E
An apple and raisin chutney adds a touch of South Asia to this Christmas-themed pork dish.

Alternatively, take a cue from Chef E’s recipe and place mushrooms and soya sauce in a braising pot. Add sugar and water, bring to boil and simmer for 20 minutes until the liquid is reduced by half. Add truffle oil to the mushroom mixture for a braised truffle mushroom gravy to serve with your meats.


Rather than use stuffing from a box, whip up an easy Asian-themed stuffing, using curry powder spice.

This is one dish that can be very versatile. To add to the flavour and texture, try using different types of breads, such as cornbread, sourdough or whole wheat.  Asian-style breads work too, so feel free to try naan, mantou or banh mi to give your Christmas stuffing a welcome fusion from the East.


The turkey and other roast meat can be accompanied by more than just cranberry or apple sauce. South-Asian influenced fusion chutneys work too. Check out the raisin and apple chutney in Chef E’s recipe, or pick up a fruit of your choice and simmer with sugar, water and spices like orange zest, ginger, and clove to create a homemade sauce.

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