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Leftover ideas for delicious post-holiday meals


With the amount of traditional roasts and dishes that make their appearance at Christmas dinner, most small families tend to have enough leftovers to last over the next week.

But stuffing leftover turkey between two slices of bread isn’t all you can look forward to.  There’s plenty that can be done with turkey meat and other leftovers.


Turkey works well in any recipe that also features chicken, so just shred or grind the turkey, and you have the perfect meat for a stir fry.  Fried rice or noodle dishes like Pad Thai are ideal for using turkey in.

Turkey Fried Rice
By  Special*Dark
Fried rice and stir fry dishes are ideal for using strips or chunks of leftover turkey.

Or simply fry it with mushrooms, onions, carrots and broccoli with chicken broth, soy sauce, cornstarch and a bit of sugar. Serve this moist, low-fat dish over rice or noodles.

With the Electrolux Maxiflame hob and its burners’ ability to reach restaurant temperatures, your stir-fries won’t just be great tasting, they also come complete with the smoky taste sought after by street food enthusiasts.

You could also fry turkey with peppers, yellow onions and jalapenos with a seasoning of salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and cumin seeds to create fillings for fajitas.  Top with sliced avocado, salsa and some sour cream, and you can easily add a Tex-mex flavour to your post-holiday meals. 

Soups and stews

Turkey stew
By lynn.gardner
Soups and stews are ideal for using dry leftover turkey meat.


The parts of the turkey that are likely to be dry tend to also become leftovers after Christmas. These might be best used in moist dishes like stews.  Stir cooked the meat into a hearty pasta sauce for a quick, simple meal.  You could use them for soups or broths which can be eaten with egg noodles for a filling repast.


Have any leftover pie? Throw it into a blender like the Electrolux Powermix Silent with some ice cream, and enjoy a decadent smoothie or milkshake. The blender’s triangular jar designed coupled with its 4-wing serrated blades creates a cyclonic force capable of blending a pie – crust and all – into a delicious drink.

If you enjoy cranberries, mix the cranberry sauce with yogurt and nuts to create a quick breakfast on the go after the holidays.

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