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Quick dressing tips for New Year’s Eve parties


New Year’s Eve parties can run the gamut from a cosy gathering at a friend’s home to an upscale party at a trendy location in town. The last night of the year can be a big enough day without the added stress of worrying about what to wear. 

Whether you choose to get something new or go in your favourite dress, the latest Electrolux Time Manager range comes with a range of wash settings that will have you looking your finest. The unique Refresh Cycle in the latest Time Manager washer can also gently steam out any wrinkles in a flash while keeping the fabric soft and vibrant, letting you look your best no matter the occasion.

Dress for the location

Are you headed for a private gathering or perhaps a more formal gala event? This makes the difference between going in a short party dress or a long evening gown. Event-appropriate hemlines and necklines may also need to be considered.

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The occasion can range from small indoor gatherings to large outdoor parties, so pick the appropriate attire for New Year’s Eve.

Do also consider whether the party is indoors or outdoors. You may need an outfit that goes well with a shawl if it’s a rooftop party in a cooler climate.

Colour your New Year

You can’t go wrong with classic colours like the little black or navy blue dress. These colours provide the perfect base to dress up with glitzy jewellery and accessories or even sparkly shoes.

Metallic hues can help keep things casual but classy, since they have a tint of gold or silver overlaying the material.  This makes casual every day wear like jeans more versatile if paired with a dressier top.

Bring on the sparkle

There aren’t many occasions where sequins are an appropriate look, but New Year’s Eve parties are a great excuse to bring on the sparkle and sequins.  If a sequined dress is too much for you, you can wear just a sequined top or bottom. The former takes attention off your lower half when paired with a subdued bottom, like a black pencil skirt. The latter brings attention to your legs when paired with a solid dark coloured top.

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Clothes with sequins and glitter are well-suited to New Year’s Eve parties.

And washing them is easy with the latest Electrolux Time Manager range of washing machines. The appliance’s Delicate and Handwash programs allow you to launder your sequined clothing without worrying about having them fall off in the process.

The right fabrics

Look at lush velvet. Velvet is a luxurious material and makes an excellent alternative to sequins for dinner parties and other classy festivities.  Make the most of this look by choosing an alluring hue, like turquoise, rather the standard black.

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