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Quick fusion tapas ideas for parties


Tapas can be the ideal food to serve when trying to host a fuss-free soiree. Serving a variety of tasty dishes family-style in the middle of the table is also a great way to get guests talking to each other and about the food.

You can add a touch of uniqueness with some fusion dishes and give the party a multicultural theme. Refrigerators like the Electrolux Flexfresh, combined with cooking hobs like the Brio and Inspiration steam combination oven range can make quick and easy work preparing Asian-style tapas with fresh ingredients.


Papaya salad
By avlxyz
Thailand’s green papaya salad can be a refreshing start to a tapas meal. 

Thailand’s green papaya salad can make for a slightly sweet, crunchy and refreshing start to any meal.  Simply shred carrots and a green papaya into thin, crisp strips and toss with finely chopped cilantro, fresh lime juice, fish sauce, minced garlic and sugar.  If you wish to add some protein to it, add parboiled shrimps or sliced squid. Other fruits and vegetables like cucumbers or green mango can be used too.

A  Vietnamese chicken salad, or Goi Ga Bap Cai could also be made with shredded Vietnamese coriander or cilantro, carrots, cabbage, hanh dam (Vietnamese vinegared onions) and chicken, toss with fish sauce and top with roasted crushed peanuts for a refreshing and healthy tapas dish.


Pan-fried Korean scallion pancakes like Pa Jun can be made and served in bite-sized portions. Use one tablespoon of batter for each pancake. Other bite-sized ingredients like chopped bell peppers and fishcakes, or small shrimp and sliced squid can also be used in the batter to add more ingredients into the pancake.


By Edsel L
Japanese croquettes or “korokke” are filled with mashed potatoes, meat and oftentimes, cream. 

Deep fried Japanese croquettes, or korokke, are always popular additions to any table starring finger food served tapas-style. A potato korokke can be mixed and stuffed with ingredients like beef. Cream croquettes introduce a creamy white sauce that ooze out when you bite through the crispy exterior.  They are often served with tonkatsu sauce – a thick type of Worcestershire sauce – and shredded cabbage.

Meat skewers

Grilled meat skewers can be found in different Asian cuisines, such as kushiyaki from Japan and satay, which can be found in different forms throughout South East Asia.  Not every home can host a charcoal grill, but ovens like the large capacity Electrolux Inspiration steam ovens can do just as good a job – and allow you to grill multiple trays of meat skewers at once for large parties.

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