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Zodiac elements and you


According to the Chinese zodiac, everyone is born under one of 12 animal signs, depending on the year of birth.  While this zodiac sign does influence a person’s personality and life, the element associated with each year also affects these characteristics. 

All the Chinese zodiac signs pass through the five elements –  Fire, Wood, Water, Earth and Metal. There are relationships between each element, a beneficial relationship and a hostile one.  Water, for example, helps wood to grow, so it is a beneficial relationship.  Conversely, water puts out fires, and has a hostile relationship with it.

The element which people are born under depends on the year. For example, 2014 is the year of the Wood horse.  The elements are beneficial to each other in this order – Earth, which produces Metal, which generates Water, which creates Wood, which feeds Fire.  This can affect everything from relationships with people born under different elements to decorating and designing your home to augment the benefits received from the various elements.


People with an Earth element are said to be dutiful, patient and reliable. They would do well to stay away from wetlands and moisture. Their most ideal home shape is square, with earth-based materials such as marble and granite. Colours used should be yellow and beige earth tones with slight hints of red hues. Avoid the use of green or metallic finishes.

Natural Colours
Homes made with natural materials like wood and marble are suited for people with the wood or earth elements.

Fortunately, for those born with the Earth element, kitchen design trends now favour earth-based materials.  For some useful tips, Electrolux Design Director for Asia Pacific, Pernilla Johansson’s shares her take on kitchen designs.


Those born with the Metal element are tenacious, confident, self-reliant and virtuous. The element favours round or circular shapes, and their homes should have a form that is curvaceous in nature. Colours that complement the Metal element include whites, grays and earth tones. Earth-based materials can also be used.

The stylish ZSCO3210 cyclonic vacuum cleaner’s metallic finish is a great complement for people with metal elements.

The Electrolux ZSCO3210 cyclonic vacuum cleaner with its metallic finish is ideal for such a home. Its compact design and ergonomic handling also ensures it can be easily used and stored anywhere.


People with the Water element are charming, sensitive, flexible and compassionate. Houses beneficial to the water element should have curves that resemble waves. Colours that benefit the Water element are black, blues and whites, while complementary elements like metal are helpful. Avoid green colour tones and wooden materials, since Wood draws energy from Water in the elemental cycle.


Those born with the Wood Element are generous, ethical and diligent in their work.  Homes beneficial to the Wood element are rectangular in shape, with many wooden materials like a hardwood floor or shingle roof tiles. Good colours to use include green or blue.

The Electrolux Ergorapido comes in a range of colours, with the Aqua Blue model complementing this element well.  Not only can it be displayed in the living room, it is built to clean hardwood floors quickly and efficiently at any time.


People with the Fire element are adventurous, magnetic, dynamic and are excellent leaders. Houses with triangular roofs help to strengthen the Fire element, while materials like wood helps to fuel them.  Fire’s best colour is red.

The Watermelon Red Electrolux Ultrasilencer vacuum would suit homeowners with the fire element. One of the quietest vacuums on the market, it’ll allow its owners to blaze through cleaning while being able to interact with friends and family in the room.

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