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Three old wives’ tales debunked (or not)


Eating more fish is not just good for your overall well-being, it also improves brain function. But eating meals after nine at night will make you gain weight so always have dinner early. 

Most of us have probably heard this advice often enough from our mothers and grandmothers.  But, are they true? 

“Fish is great brain food”

True – Fish oils contain the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, these are critical for health, normal growth, the development and function of our brains.  A study carried out by  Oxford University gave 120 primary school children with coordination difficulties a mix of these oils over three months. At the end of the study, they showed significant improvement in their performance at school.

Steamed fish
By whologwhy
Eating fish provides many positive benefits for development of the brain. 

Prepare healthy and tasty fish dishes with the Electrolux Inspiration steam combination oven, which offers a multitude of baked or steamed options. The oven features three different steam levels, ensuring optimum doneness and moisture for your dish.

“Eating after 9 causes weight gain”

False – Feel free to disagree with mum on this one. Research from the Oregon Health and Science University found that weight gain had more to do with the actual foods consumed and less with the time the meal was taken.

As long as you aren’t binging on sweets and high caloric foods, having your usual dinner after 9pm is fine.  If you get the munchies at night, consider preparing snack bags of fresh fruit to fill up. The Electrolux FlexFresh refrigerator range comes with bag clips that provide easy storage and access whenever you need to grab a bite.

“The 5-second rule”

False – If you’ve dropped a piece of food on the floor, the 5-second rule claims  that it’s still safe to consume so long as it has been picked up within five seconds, or before bacteria has had a chance to get on it.

By: NatalieMaynor

Spilled some food on the counter? Don’t eat it, even if it’s been there less than five seconds.  

Studies have shown that this is not true.   The moment the food hits the floor, the transfer of bacteria from surface to food is almost instantaneous. So not even a 1-second rule is safe. The longer the food stays on the floor, the more bacteria it picks up. Drier foods like crackers or cookies pick up less particles than wet foods like ice cream or mashed potatoes, but it’s best to just dispose of it.

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