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Feng shui for your home for a better 2014


It’s 2014, and a new set of energies, or Qi, are flowing into homes. Practising the ancient art of Feng Shui involves adjusting your surroundings to encourage the flow of positive energies into your environment. With the beginning of the new year, it’s time to take a look at optimising your home to receive these new energies.

Clean up and out

Decluttering the home doesn’t just have positive effects on your Feng Shui, but benefits you physically and psychologically too.

The entrance to the home is important for inviting in both guests and positive energies, so try to avoid the clutter of shoes, umbrellas, keys and other items near the door. Invest in storage cabinets if needed, and place some plants if there is space. This gives the people entering a sense of welcoming and happiness.

Another significant part of the home is the dining area, which should feel spacious, clean and inviting in order to ensure a good flow of Qi within the house. Any knick-knacks should be kept in the living room.

The stove area in the kitchen is an especially important area. It represents health and well-being for every inhabitant of the home, so it needs to be kept clean and shiny at all times. The surface of Electrolux Brio range of cooking hobs is made of safety glass, which makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth. The Brio’s Easy Fit brass caps also make taking out and cleaning the various parts of the burner a breeze.

The Electrolux Brio is designed to be easily cleaned for easy maintainance.

Leave the space in front of desks free of clutter, with plenty of space for arms and elbows.  Stacks of papers or books on a workspace can be obstacles to positive Qi entering the space, so clear it out.

Look to the Southwest

Try to focus on the Southwest in 2014 for overall success. Favourable energies are concentrated in this direction for the year. Encouraging the right energies here will strengthen your fortunes in health, wealth and relationships.

Metal and water Feng Shui elements are favourable in the southwest direction this year, with good colours being black, blue, charcoal gray and white.  Versatile appliances like the Electrolux Ergorapido are made to be displayed, and come in a variety of colours. This makes them suitable for storing and charging in the southwest part of the home. 

The sleek Electrolux Ergorapido comes in a variety of colours to fit any home.

Avoid having fire, wood or earth elements and colours in this area; this includes red, purple, hot pink and orange. Water elements like miniature fountains or images of aquatic animals can help this year.

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