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Tips for being the consummate guest at any party


The 15 days of Chinese New Year bring with it invitations to visit the homes of friends and family. Whether it’s an open house-style party or an intimate gathering, there are a few things you can do to be the consummate guest at any occasion. 

Bring a thoughtful gift

If you’ve been invited to a dinner party by a colleague, a housewarming party, or a gathering during the festive season, bringing a gift is usually appropriate. Sometimes, the invitation may contain a hint, such as BYOB, or bring your own beverages.  If you’re not sure, ask – the host could have certain allergies to particular types of gifts like flowers or food.

During Chinese New Year, it is customary to bring two mandarin oranges for your hosts. If you’re married, children at the gathering should also receive red packets with money inside.

Mandarin oranges
By kennymatic
It is customary to present your hosts with a pair of mandarin oranges when visiting during Chinese New Year.

Make a better impression by enhancing the vibrancy and nutritional content of the mandarin oranges you give out. The NutriLight feature in the new Electrolux NutriFresh refrigerator improves the vitamin and mineral content in fruits and vegetables, making their colours appear brighter and keeping them fresher for longer. 

Keep track of your drinks

Trying to ensure every guest has their own cup to drink from can be a challenge in larger parties or open house-style gatherings. Help out by keeping track of your own beverage, even if it’s in a plastic cup.  Using a coaster is another simple and thoughtful gesture.  And make sure you only leave drinks on a table and not on appliances or that glossy baby grand piano.

Focus on the people

By liewcf

Put those smartphones away at parties and focus on the people around you.

In a digital age, it is not uncommon to see people staring at their smartphones throughout a party or gathering. Turn it off and leave it in your bag or on the table. It’s fine to peek every now and then, but it’s only polite to pay attention to the people around you. Take any calls outside or in another room if you have to.

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