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Putting together a traditional Candy Box


When hosting visitors this Lunar New Year, be sure to put out a traditional Chinese candy box. A traditional gift of sweets, the round box will contain six or eight types of preserved dried fruits with sugar, chocolate coins, seeds and other goodies.

Each type of sweet comes in different containers which can be put together to form the perimeter of a circle, with one more type of sweet being placed in the centre. The round shape, combined with the six or eight candies – auspicious numbers in Chinese culture – is meant to symbolise good luck for a new year.

Candy Box
By denn

A Chinese New Year candy box contains a variety of candies and seeds that carry different meanings and well-wishes for the new year.

Each compartment has a special meaning. Thus, the candy you choose sends a special message to the recipient.  And if you’re worried about storage space especially during the hectic festive period, the Electrolux FlexFresh fridge not only offers versatile storage options, but also keeps food fresher for longer.

Chocolate gold coins

Chocolate coins
By OC Always
Chocolate coins are popular additions to a candy box, symbolising good fortune and prosperity.

These coin-shaped chocolates are wrapped in gold foil and symbolise good fortune and prosperity for the coming year. The coins typically have designs with the zodiac animal of that year imprinted on them.

Lotus Seeds

Lotus flowers are a symbol of purity and divine birth due to the delicate flower’s ability to grow from mud.  Having its seeds in the candy box represents wishing its recipient luck and a fresh start in the new year.  Its presence is especially significant to Buddhists, as the lotus is a significant flower within the religion.

Dried Lotus Roots

Similar to the seeds, lotus roots also symbolise luck, although its meaning is altered slightly to encourage marital harmony. They’re also a healthy snack, being high in vitamins and minerals.

Dried Candied Kumquat

The kumquat, a type of sweet orange, is especially popular during Chinese New Year. The fruit symbolises wealth, unity and perfection. Although it’s sweet enough eaten on its own, it is also often found dried and candied in a Chinese candy box.

Dried Candied Pineapples

Pineapples are meant to convey congratulations or acknowledgement of success, and wishes recipients wealth, success and luck.

Water Chestnuts

Water chestnuts symbolise unity and congratulations for a great achievement. They are high in fibre and potassium, and have a natural, subtle sweetness, making them a healthy item in a candy box.

Other candies

Dried candied ginger, and coconut are also common, along with melon seeds, peanuts and cracked sesame balls. Mix and match to send customised messages and blessings to your visitors.

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